Sativa or Indica ?

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  1. I have both Indica & Sativa growing the Sativa has been harder for me to grow. I had
    planted two and one of those is nearly dead it fell over as it could not take its own weight
    after just 6 days of life.

    The second one is alive but its not growing much and its been day 7.

    The Indica i planted in to soil 2 days ago and its just peeping through the soil.
    The very first plant i grew was indica it was skunk and it grew very fast and was very bushy
    and smelt very lovely every time i used to go water it the smell was so yummy.

    So my question is it just the way i am growing it or is the Sativa much harder to grow.
    I have it under 175w of fluorescent's but growth is slow.
  2. If it fell over under its own weight then most likely it was light-starved and stretched too much.
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    Its just weird the light was right underneath it 100W underneath it 75 w also in the room.
    Would the indica be like that?

    Most plants usually grow ok under a 120w light.

    If i grow a male and a female plant how many seeds could 1 plant produce?
    I Really want to grow seeds in one room and weed in another because the seeds i have are not very cheap.
  4. For future reference, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Tell more about your setup -- what kind of lights, soil, nutes, pH, schedules, etc. There are so many factors to consider, can't really help you much more at this point without more info.
  5. NOTE this a copy and paste i used on another forum about my setup. Here are the photos and original text from the site.

    I think i might have made a bad job of making a grow room. Its been 8 days and my seeds have not grown very much.


    This is my grow room
    i have two 20w CFL lights which =200w
    they are 3500k

    I have another fixed on the wall which is 15W which = 75w that is also 3500k

    I ordered a 32w 6500k which is coming monday

    This is the wall light

    I have my 60w fan

    and here is a lowryder at day 8

    Where am i going wrong? will the plants grow and will the crop be low?

    I ideally want a good light setup good enough to grow but i want CFL because
    they are safer too leave on for long periods of time.

    Also money is a issue. I have 50 a month spare for my grow the reason i started my grow is for medical.
    I would usually just go out and buy green
    but no one has any coz the south east is dry from what people i know have told me.

    So this was my only hope to feel better and i think i messed it up.

    Any advice for a n00b to help me better my grow would be very much appreciated.
  6. That sprout is stretching badly, move the lights closer.
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    Will do tomorrow when i pick up new hanging lights
  8. You need 6500K CFLs for veg the 2700k for flower and move them within a few inches of the top of the plants and keep as close as possible..
  9. Move lights to within 4 inches above the plants.
  10. can you anyway lean your lamp to the side of your pot so you can get it to stay and also the bulb closer to the plant? go get some y splitters so you can use multiple bulbs on each lamp
    Good luck! you need to read alot more, can just tell by your setup, but hey doesnt hurt to try!

  11. I got a fluorescent tube setup now


    Its about 1 inch from the plants and ic checked and it doesnt burn my if i put my hand under it.

    Must lift it higher soon

    When i took this photo it was 5inches away from the light.
  12. That's a low watt tube. Lower it to within an inch of your plants. They're still stretching and it won't burn your plants. Probably won't even burn them if they were touching that tube.

    Make sure you let the dirt dry out before you water again. Your plants should just begin to droop from being too dry before you water them the first few times. It will give you a better idea of what the soil is like when it's truly dry.

    After that, water them just before they would begin to wilt by checking the dirt to see if it's the same drieness as when it wilted.
  13. Yea if your gonna go with those tubes you'll need more. I would just go with the regular curl cfl bulbs and keep it close to those plants, tube floro's are more costly. That shit for a lowryder is HELLLA stretched. I could defiantly see why it just toppled over.
  14. I have only got two plants under this light and they are 1 inch away from the light.

    The others where moved to a place where there is a 130W Daylight CFL light.
    The lighting i have is going to have too be fine.

    I got a grolux tube coming any day now for the hanging light and the other place i grow has a 130w daylight cfl so its enough to get by.

    If i could afford a better setup i would get one. If the harvest is small then i am fine with that. I would have rather spent the money i have on growing on marijuana instead but i cant
    find any.

    SO if these will grow enough for just a 8th then thats better then a 8th that i would not have had if i did not grow these.
  15. 1 of them are lowryders. Which one is it?

    The rest are a skunk cross.
  16. Man i got few plants with same problem and i can tell what they want...
    Put light direclty over them and 2-3 cm's from tops of main stem...! go go go! :cool:
  17. I have put light 1 inch from top of stems for two of the plants.
    The others i put elsewhere in a small room which is filled with 130W Daylight CFL
    Which lights up the whole room as if it where daytime.

    even though the plants are not close to the CFL in the other room
    they are not stretching towards the light. I think that is because the daylight CFL is 130W ,BiG and powerful and the room is small and also the white walls reflect the light.
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    No your not gonna have no where close to enough lighting.
    Im using 4 6500k T12 4 foot 40watt bulbs just for my sprouts and that can only grow 5 at best

    Thats 4 bulbs that are 4 foot long each,like the bulb you have there, but double the size.

    My budding chamber is 4 2700k T12 4 foot 40 watt and 4 Actual 23 watt CFLS.
    This can grow about 5 mature plants well.

    That small over-the-counter light won't grow those sprout to be plants healthly enough to make a 8th.Also your reading the CFLs all wrong, The 75w is only 15, the 100 watt bulbs are only 23 watts.

    The base wattage needed to grow a good strong weed plant capable of producing something worth while is 100 watts, with 50 watts for every plant after the base watts.

    Also keep in mind 6500k is best for Veg,as it will provide think bushy growth, 2700k is best for flowering Mary jane.

    Id advise to actually put some money into this project,It amazes me you would settle with just a 8th of weed,If you were to get busted you would face much much harsher results than just having a 8th of bud on you.

    Think about it,your doing something that is seriously illegal so take it serious,this isn't some tomato plant in your yard,This is growing a illegal plant.

    Edit: With flouro lights at 4 inches away is best for a plants growth as far as ive seen.
  19. Give me a break. I am not reading the CFLS wrong The 32W one i have =130W
    By all means keep putting my lighting down. If you have any spare lighting you wish to donate then by all means i would not mind at all.

    What i have said over and over is that this is all i can afford. So Hey give me a break

  20. I believe it is the lumens you need to be concerned with.You said you have 50 a month to spend on growing?Then quit buying those CFL's.Buy a 400w HPS and you're good to go.I'm broke as hell right now too but the way I see it I was wasting my time growing under CFL's,especially growing expensive femisnised seeds under CFL's.You won't believe the difference in your plants when you switch.And you can grow up to around 6 females under a 400w.My HPS was $120.00 and I believe an extra $40.00 will get you a Metal Halide conversion lamp that you can use for vegging your plants.Yeah that light gets hot but it's def not "unsafe" and you'll be sooooooooooo happy you got it.Thats my opinion hope it helps.

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