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  1. hey dudes...

    i have just one question. we all here more or less, grow in our closets or we get ready to do that. And the perfect plant for closet growing is an indica strain, pure indica sometimes, like N.L or blue moonshine, and generally speaking a short bushy plant. As we already know from experience, the indica high is "couch locked down".

    Please suggest a strain of the sativa strain which is quite short and will give you the endless laughter and the amazing stoned head where you can be totally socialized. And of course, can be grown in a closet with limited height

  2. Good question, I believe sativas are always tall and have low yields, (between125-250 grams/sq meter), you could try getting a 60/40 or 80/20 mix, maybe tat will work for ya, but as far as a pure sativa that is small, ive never seen one.
    you can try to train it horizontaly so it wont be as big.

  3. i agree, can only really train one. If is just because you want the sativa high, then you will need a good indoor one like "durban poison" from dutch passion and train it to stay low.
    good luck
  4. hey guys,

    from your experience, how can you train a plant to sty short? tie it down and have the lights as closed to the top end as possible? Use the divide by 10 technic? 430W thus 43 cm's from the top end.

    60/40 will be a nice strain to start with?
    50/50 is the AK47 where I've heard great times on this strain

    Will give it a try:)

  5. The best way i know of is to have a post like this

    | |
    | |

    Tie down ure plant sideways as it grows, and the shoots will orient themselves up, stop tying it when you flower, so the cola grows up too.
  6. Yes i would like to know this to it would be very helpfull

  7. Well my last plant was a sativa and it grew to over 7'6"....what a pain in the ass!! you's have any idea how hard it was to take it to the toilet to flush the medium??....especially when she was so big at the time, and bushy enough to take up my close closet.....3.5' x 4'.....there a lot to handle....i'm gonna stick to indicas or a mix of both......this time they're in training at the moment....the rainman posted a good topic on training a while back, putting holes in the pot round the sides and tying down the bigger fan leaves and trimming some other ones to allow the light to penetrate the canopy.....i just did it tonight, i'll post pics of how it goes....the pics before i tied them down are in a post i started called..."my babies have just sprouted"....just an idea to let you's see how it goes before trying it yourselves....they'll have approx 10 days tied down before i trigger them......Peace out...Sid

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