Sativa as Sacrament

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GotThatWhite, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. First thread in real life stories perhaps?
    10 years old.
    Just think people, 10 years ago this guy sat here and typed it, what were you doing?
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    And to think, you sat here and bumped this. What were you doing?
  3. being hella bored
  4. 10 years ago? I was still in the womb. Nah I'm kidding,but I really don't see the harm in bumping this. Lotta forum nazis here,didn't think I'd see that on a stoner forum.
  5. Damn lol you just won the prize for bumping the oldest thread. how did you find this?
  6. Dude all the threads at the very last page of Real Life Stories are all from 2011.

    How the fucking fuck.

  7. has nothing to do with being a 'nazi', it's called following the few rules we have and making life easier for you and everyone else.

    You'll learn that when you grow up.
  8. I thought it was interesting, and its cooler that its from 2001 too. Btw dude, I like the layne staley sig...
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