Sativa and Indica

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  1. anyone have a scientific answer to why these 2 do different things to the brain?
  2. The THC to CBN ratio is higher in Sativas.
  3. you should consider that THC is the main psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant but not the only one. A cannabis bud contains more than 400 different substances which 61 of them are cannabinoids. The effect of the marijuana is given by the combination and interactions of all these elements. Beside the THC, a major role is played by cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabinol (CBN). These substances have deep relaxation effects themselves, and they are heavily involved in the THC absorption. So the final effect is given by a subtle combination of different cannabinoids

    hope this helps mate:smoke:
  4. so is that why i can smoke my leftovers from my vaporizer in my bong and still get a high?
  5. thank you, all of you have been very helpful

  6. That is probbably because you could have just vaporized it again, I vape the same stuff 3-4 times in my volcano.

    and don't sativa's usually grow for a bit longer making the thc stronger, that whole clear / amber gland thing...
  7. lol General Indoor Growing
  8. :D

    The Duck.
  9. indica is the devils work lol
  10. im going to try to revaporize some of my stuff tonight, and see how it works.
  11. Cool; This ought to be good for at least one credit toward "Weed 101", lol,, Good Info everyone, thanks.,

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