Sat on my bong, glass in my finger?

Discussion in 'General' started by Toillet, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Got home from a night out, while sitting on the edge of my car I shattered my dear bong, with us since 4/20. 
    So fucked as I was talking with someone about buying them a bong in the next week, looks like I'll be getting one too..

    Yeah think there is glass in my thumb. Tomorrow will be great.
    Who knew glass could cut through three layers, my ass didn't that's for sure.
    :'( RIP  :wacko:
  2. I guess you.. ass-saulted your glass :laughing:  hope your next one has better luck
  3. At least there's no glass in your rectum :confused_2: 
  4. Sits on glass, gets glass in thumb.. where exactly was your thumb at?
  5. Bahaha
  6. You already know the answer to that ;)

    No of course I had to feel around in the dark to see if I'd just had an auditory hallucination and everything was ok.
    Shit I'm excited to buy a new bong, great ones on sale.
    Yeah we've all seen that jar smashing in a dudes ass video.. great sight
    So many rhymes, cut my butt, glassed my ass, sheeit
  7. No. No "we" have not. Nor will we. WTF
  8. Beats taking an arrow to the knee. :cool:
  9. Lol a lot of people have.

    That video did rounds same time as two girls one cup

    I don't recommend it.

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  10. Yeah see I'M the normal one...  :ey:
  11. Oh but we will, dont deny yourself, give into all those deep disturbing feelings.

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