Sarah Palin "Iraq War is a task from God"

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    This is horrible. No one who should ever say something like this. We've ruined the country sent its people to refuge in Syria and other surrounding countries and have killed plenty of civilians. She apparently believes this and I beg every McCain supporter to not even let this lady get close to office.
  2. One thing we don't understand is that everytime a politician references God with any war in the middle east it reinforces the notion that we are in a "crusade" or a holy war against Islam. Even Bush referenced the impending war in Afghanistan as a crusade lol. Ironic that Bush worked the Muslim vote in '00.
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    Hey, at least we have the right god on our side.

    But in all scares the shit out of me to see a vp candidate calling war, or even the building of a pipeline a task from god.

    I turned on the Democratic Convention the other day and the ENTIRE congregation was PRAYING. I was shocked and speechless.
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    You also have to realize that the republican party (any anyone associated with it) LOVES hearing about pro-war agendas. Oh and if it involves god? That's the H-Bomb right there. The republican party slogan should just be:

    god+war= USA! USA! USA!

    Seriously? I have to give some credit to the republican party for being able to brainwash all of their supporters to ACTUALLY believing that their party was founded by god and their mission is to carry out his work. From what Palin said last night at the RNC, one can assume that our country is supposed to be run by fundamentalist christians. Republican party representatives (McCain, Palin) are very simple minded and obviously don't grasp the big picture. Or, they do and love lying.

    From what I can see, the republican party is not offering anything new in terms of agenda. Year after year they bark up the same tree saying that democrats are for "big government" and "more taxes". Sorry Palin, but in order to generate more U.S. money for the economy, taxes have to be raised. You can't create money from nothing.

  5. I do respect other people's religion as long as they don't try and make me believe, but the DNC and RNC have always had a tradition of sorts to say a general prayer for the convention. This dates back all the way to the beginning of the DNC and RNC. It's like the national anthem before a baseball game. Don't think too much about it because it doesn't mean a heck of a lot (except for republicans in attendance becasue they want to feel gods words POUR out of Palin). Bleh.
  6. Yeah but what do the Dems. and the Reps. pray about? Some of the religious right were praying for rain during the DNC. I can hear it now, leftist propaganda! Is it really? Watch Stuart Shepard, who heads the media division of Focus on the Family, encouraging people to pray for rain during the DNC. Kind of ironic isn't it, Gustav anyone?
  7. "Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God," she said. "That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God's plan."

    So... it's not definite that there is a plan, and even if there is it might not belong to God whom she's invoking as justification?

  8. Fox News+Shepard+rain= fun celebration times for the Republicans? I don't get it.

  9. Views like this are so scary. It makes the liberal weenie in me want to cry.
  10. They weren't just praying...they were thanking god for guiding THEIR party to victory. Talking about how god is supporting THEIR party.
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    If God is all loving and caring then why would he send us on a mission to take each others lives, which the bible explains are a gift from god. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away, I suppose. we're just doing his dirty work in killing the terrorists for him:rolleyes:
  12. Down to the point. For someone in a high rank of government even in a state. No one should say that. I could give links to countless war footage that shows what is going on there but I don't feel like getting banned. This is one of the reasons I'm starting to lose my religion.
  13. Jesus wants us to bring fake democracy to the Middle East.

    Go ask Sarah!

    Jesus wanted Saddam dead. Saddam was not one of the people Jesus was talking about when he said we should be forgiving.

    Go ask Sarah!

    Jesus thinks all the oil, all over the world, belongs to BP petroleum.

    Go ask Sarah!

    Jesus supports pre-emptive strikes against undersized opponents who pose no actual threat, in fact, Jesus wants you to go kill a welfare sucking cripple right now, just to show them who's their daddy.

    Go ask Sarah!

    I think she'll know....
  14. "As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice." ~Adolf Hitler

    sound familiar?
  15. Listen, if you don't think now is a good time for people from a majority-Christian society to be praying... then surely you must be thinking your single vote is going to make all the difference in November. To me, this group prayer makes a bigger impression than somebody threatening me with, "well, I'm going to vote for McCain, so ha!"
  16. man the crazier she seems the more i just wanna flip that ass over and . . .

    excuse me

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    lolz. she isn't bad looking, i'll give her that. but no. no no no.
  18. What the hell are you talking about?

    Pray all you want...keep it out of politics.

    And because I'm criticizing something I saw at the DNC, you infer that I'm voting for McCain?
  19. this lady scares me
  20. Its not the message its the messenger thats makeing you loose your religion.

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