Santa Clause.

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  1. How old were you when you found out that Santa Clause/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy was not real? How did you react?

    I was 8 when my mom decided she didn't want to lie to me anymore. I think I cried. Then I asked "Is God real?" :laughing:
  2. as long as I can remember, my parents wanted credit I guess lol
  3. I didn't give two shits.

    If I remember correctly we were to poor to celebrate holidays such as these back then.

    Tides have turned :devious:

    So I never believed in him in the first place I spose.

  4. What are you gonna do with your kids?
  5. I always doubted it from maybe the age of 4-5?
    I'd say the first time I was actually told was by some kid who evidently had an older brother or sister, maybe parent tell them.
    I was maybe 6?
    Just thought "Ah...ok then", wasn't really broken up about it as I didn't put to much stock in it at all.

    When we have a kid we're not really going to "spoil" it for them, instead tell the real story of the St Nikolaos guy with his "gifts" and the like, and say that people have made it a tradition - "Santa" will be just part of that.
    They'll still get their gifts, they just won't get the bullshit...I don't need to have the "Yeah I lied to give you a good time" conversation, never know how much a kid will hold onto.

  6. Damn I feel like such a wuss now. I was so blindsided by the Santa revelation :(
  7. I was skeptical I think since like 5 but my sister told me he wasn't real when I was 7 I think. She told me my mom got me a wallet (I wanted one for some reason, I was a strange kid) and that it was "from Santa." On Christmas, I got a wallet from Santa. Bitch ruined my childhood :mad:
  8. 6-7. I figured it out on my own. My parents said something about him and I said "he doesn't exist, that doesn't make any sense." They laughed.
  9. I still believe in Sandaclaus
  10. [quote name='"ghostonvacation"']I still believe in Sandaclaus[/quote]

    Santa porn for charity!
  11. Easter bunny is real I seen him :)

  12. On my Grandma's street someone would make big bunny tracks up and down the sidewalk every year. Always woke up early and ran out to follow them. Shit was awesome as a kid.
  13. I probably won't teach them about Santa.

    I'd rather them know that there father is loving them rather than some unknown fat man.
  14. 9/10

    I was always skeptical.
  15. I knew at the age of 5 that Santa Clause is just some fat drunken guy with really bad acting skills. My parents kept it real with me :D
  16. It fucked me up when i learned of santa claus.. For real, i never knew about him bringin toys and shit until i was older. That was never a thing in my family. We were poor as shit so i guess my grandparents and brother wanted all the credit for buyin what they did :laughing:
  17. Was told not to believe any of those by my parents at a very early age. Had a very interesting convo with this girl in like 1st grade who thought santa actually existed.

    Her defence? "It said from santa claus on the tag so OBVIOUSLY he must be real."


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  18. I can't remember, I was young though. I had to of been 4 or 5. "Santa" got us a puppy, well it barked I heard it and ran down stairs and saw my mom with it.

    Doesn't bother me I found out Santa wasn't real, i got a puppy. Christmas isn't about the gifts, it's about being together, spending time as a family.

    If I ever have kids I'm going to shit on their parade as soon as I feel they're old enough to understand. It'll be a young age though,

  19. You got a puppy for chistmas? Lucky.
  20. It's

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