Santa Barbara!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Kevin08, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Anyone headed to SB this weekend for the West Beach Music Festival?! I'm so stoked to see Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, and Rebelution, i plan on hitting up dementia too beforehand to 'enhance" my experience there :smoke:
  2. where do you live? im in oxnard
  3. I was thinkin bout it but my only way to get out there right now is amtrak. How much are tix? Or is it free? Shwayze is performing and I wanna see em live.
  4. I live up in Slo county, i'm just driving down to SB that day. Ya, tickets vary in price from day to day, but they are around 30-40 bucks a pop for a whole day.
  5. ill probably be going sunday
  6. Hell yea man i live in SB, west beach is gonna be WAY sick, and IV is gonna be going off after that. Honestly, the best show on friday is gonna be bassnectar closing it out! theres no way hes stoppin at 10
  7. Santa would never bone a bitch named Barbara, dude.

  8. Hell ya dude! Me and my friend are getting some purps tomorrow just for the occasion. But I'm only going sunday, couldn't afford a three day pass. But i just found out all the single sunday tickets have sold out so it will be PACKED!

  9. you live in sb too??

    you in isla vista?

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