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Santa Barbara

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mcgeeskii, Mar 18, 2012.

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    My aunt is moving Back to Santa Barbara from the Boston area .
    She moved Back to Be closer to fam But turns out she misses SB too much .
    I mean , I don't Blame her . who wouldnt ?

    anyways ,
    i'm considering leaving the east coast alone for a while + making the move w/ her .

    not currently attending college @ the moment so my main priorities will Be :

    - finding work


    - getting my mmj card

    now to the point of this post .
    how is the job market in sb ?
    i am a trilingual ( spanish english + Brasilian portuguese speaking ) female young adult w/ a couple years restaurant experience .
    ( dishwashing , prepcook , closing , etc )

    also i don't have a license , will that restrict me from obtaining a medcard ?
    or will changing my address + getting a CA id suffice ?
    also , how would i go about obtaining a CA id ?
    ( i know i must go to the dmv but what should i expect / Bring w/ me is what i mean )
    heard from a cousin the Best place for me to get my medcard is venice Beach .
    no , i will not Be " cheating the system " i do suffer from eligible sicknesses and due to Being hit By a car in my younger years i suffer trouble w/ my left knee , right shin , + lower Back But have always self medicated never really seen doctors .
    should i do that to have something on paperwork Before i go ?

    any info will Be greatly appreciated + thanks in advance .
  2. You should bring your birth certificate and proof of residence to DMV. A bill with your address here or something. I wouldn't go to Venice beach personally. I'd rather go somewhere more reputable. There have been cases of people with valid conditions getting scripts from Dr's who fucked up and therefor the patients script didn't hold up in court. A local doc got in trouble for having their secretary write the recommendations the doc should write, so every recommendation from that doctor became invalid after the doc was shut down. I'd rather pay a few more dollars to be secure. And yes, it's best to see a regular dr to get at least one of your conditions documented before seeing the MMJ doctor.
  3. To be honest, with the feds lurking around all over Cali, I think even the docs may be being a bit more careful these days. You might want to bring along documentation - i.e. med files, x-rays, prescription bottles or at least your scars or disfigurement.

    I don't know if you are aware of this, but bud is not hard to find in SB and possession of an ounce or less is a $100 infraction. In other words, unless you're looking to grow it or have up to a half pound, is it really that big of a deal to have a card?

    The job situation is tight, but being multi-lingual is a huge plus for you and if you have some education on top of that, even better. You will want to get CA residency asap if you want to go to school - You DON'T want to pay out of state tuition!


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