Sandy Hook WAS a setup

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  1. Shut the hell up
    I watched this the other day, and I'm happy someone like Wolfgang is coming out on this issue.. I love it when people with good credentials investigate this because there are few bullshit conspiracies on sandy hook that baits the debunkers into writing out articles debunking the phony stuff yet not even touching the real questions that should be answered.  I hope the non believers wake the fuck up and realize not everything told to them on tv is what it seems. A lot of people manipulated by mainstream media labeling REAL THINKERS as "crazy quacks" or whatever, because it doesn't flow with what the "T.V. People" told them. If you think outside the T.V. box and question things that don't makes sense, you are a "cookie conspiracy theorist".. Shut the fuck up, fucking sheep.. 
    Crazy how sometimes people make different decisions in different situations
  4. My cousin's in-laws lost a child at Sandy Hook.  I can tell you the funeral and grief were real.  Anyone perpetuating this conspiracy bullshit should be ashamed of themselves.  
    questioning things and making outright claims are 2 different things...people that make claims with no real evidence and hear-say are ignorant people, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and what is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence...

    and the whole "not everything you see on tv is what it seems"...sometimes it actually that 50/50 statement isn't much to ponder at...
    Not so crazy.  It was an elementary school.  Children suffered terrible trauma at that school.   Children do not have the capacity to deal with horrific trauma and tragedy.  Remember some of these children were dismembered by the bullets.  Other children witnessed this.  Would you want your child reminded of that every day they are in school?   Virginia Tech is a college and Columbine was a high school.   Older people with better coping skills.  I really don't see why the OP finds that so hard to understand. 
  7. The conspiracy theories rarely come from people close to the situation. It's easy to fabricate conspiracies. It's tough to face reality. 
    As for the school being torn down. The size probably had something to do with it. The school in Colorado was enormous and fairly new as opposed to the older less modern Sandy Hook. Virginia Tech was a college. Kids were not going to grow up there and had a different view on life by that age. How about we put a little thought into the conspiracy before insulting those who actually experienced the tragedy. Questioning everything but proving nothing is a waste of time.
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    oh come on. they won't show any pictures of the victims or Lanza. there is no video footage or pictures of a mass exodus of the school. just a stupid picture of a one classroom being led out. and if you do look at what actual video footage the helicopters got, it's nothing like you would see in a mass casualty event like that. 
    and I do believe there is much to ponder about being manipulated through media. why wouldn't you? 
    Exactly, I hope it was clear that I was being sarcastic :laughing: 
    Anyhow, they actually did tear down the Columbine library where much of the shooting took place. 
  10. I think people feel the need to believe this was planned, that someone arranged this, because they hate the idea that someone would commit this act of violence randomly for little apparent reason. 
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    @[member="Trafizz"] i didn't say not to question the media, its just when saying "some of what you see isn't what it seems" would automatically mean that some of what you see IS what it thats a bullshit statement to begin with if you're crying foul play
    and you assuming what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable in "mass causality events" is just that, you assuming, doesn't mean conspiracy at all, you're reaching...
  12. I'm not one who completely believes the conspiracy theories, but... Your family ties and emotions have no right to completely write off Sandy Hook as it was told.
    Don't try to argue something with the fact that you had some family hurt by it. That's stupid.
    It's hard to even discuss this when people don't even put specific theories forward. How was this not as it seemed? Are you saying this family didn't lose their kid, or that they just lost them in a different fashion than what was put forward?
    Considering how many conspiracy theorists think it never even happened, I think his family experience is valid. 
    I'm not reaching too far when in todays era of technology we have no evidence of a bunch of kids leaving that school. All we have is a bunch of people walking around circles at the firehouse. literally just about everyone walking through and around the firehouse multiple times to make it look like there is "action". 
    No what's stupid is the conspiracy that spits in the face of every family member that lost a loved one that day.  This complete and total bullshit that has no evidence or proof other than speculation which is only hurting the families more.  My "family ties and emotions" give me EVERY right to believe what ACTUALLY happened at that school.  You, sir, who have absolutely no ties or personal investment in that tragedy have NO RIGHT to tell me how I should think or believe.   That is what's TRULY stupid.   What the fuck is wrong with you?
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    I think you and the other guy misunderstand me. I don't have any one theory I truly believe in. I am, however, suspicious of the whole event. I'm not denying that people got hurt. All im saying is, you can't use "everything the media told us about this is true, because I know someone who died and their family went through real grief."
  18. You seem extremely blinded by your emotion. How that tragedy happened and everything behind it, the investigations... THAT is not determined by how you feel. What the fuck is wrong with you?
    No.  That is what you're assuming.  I am close with my cousin.  We were raised together.  He and his in-laws were privy to the information gathered from the investigation.  A thorough investigation.  My opinion isn't based on "emotion" it's based on first hand knowledge garnered from people who actually experienced this terrible tragedy. 

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