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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420revelation, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I'm new here. Here's the reason I came here:

    I posted my intro here several days ago. Since then, I've given this technique of toking a name, it's called "Sandblasting."

    I also realized that I left out some things that make sandblasting easier and more enjoyable.

    1. use a small amount of herb
    2. use only enough sand to cover the herb
    3. heat the sand evenly all over
    4. once the sand is hot enough to produce vapor, stop heating
    5. a "torch" lighter works best
    6. inhale slowly and steadily while heating

    It'd be nice to hear from you seasoned smokers what you think about this technique, and have you heard of it before?
  2. Dude, that's fucking awesome! Is it really vapor? The only thing I would worry about is the possibility of inhaling sand particles somehow. You know, kind of like how when you smoke grit weed and the glass doesn't directly get inhaled, it still vaporizes and you're actually inhaling glass pieces. I wonder if it's safe... :confused_2: :smoking:

  3. Yes, it really is vapor. I'm usually a water bong smoker. I put in a screen, a little bit of weed and just enough sand to cover the weed. Then, I inhale slowly, while heating the sand evenly with a torch lighter, until I see vapor. I've never inhaled any sand.

    I'm going to make a video.

  4. No man, I know you haven't inhaled pieces of sand. I'm talking about indirectly inhaling sand vapors. Like, if you heat it to a certain temperature you're not only getting smoke from the weed, but vapor from the sand too. I wonder if it's safe...

  5. That reminds me, I wanted to post this info, which I found helpful to understanding the effects of cannabis:

    You're safe with sand, which doesn't even melt until 1723 C.
  6. Curious to see the video because I have an unlimited supply of sand at my disposal
  7. Little tip that I found on this myself, coins! This is easiest on a bong and requires a push bowl, but the concept is this: Find a coin that fits snugly to the edges of you bowl, fill weed (loosely) to wherever the coin will sit, and then cover the weed with the coin. Gently drag as you hold a lighter to the coin (the heating is slow) and eventually, you'll notice thin wisps puffing up from the bubbles. At this point, pull away the lighter and continually reapply it as the wisps disappear. In my experience, you'll need to turn the bowl now and again with a pin to expose greens from the bottom rather than the brown toasted on top. It works really well and is pretty low maintenance. WORD TO THE WISE!!! That coin gets hot as hell; it may seem like common sense but trust me you will forget. Don't mean to detract from the sandblasting method (genius btw), just sharing my experience.
  8. does this really work? ill have to try it out sometime :) how do you go about heating and hitting it? can I just rip away or do I need to hit softer.
  9. I'd like to think that I can turn my bong into a vaporizer but I'm kinda sketch just cuz I'm putting sand ontop of my weed lol...
  10. I wanna see the video. That would be so sick if it works I just don't understand how you light it.
  11. [quote name='"upinsmokeee"']I wanna see the video. That would be so sick if it works I just don't understand how you light it.[/quote]

    You don't "light" anything technically. You heat the sand up enough to heat up the marijuana. Nothing combusts. In theory it seems like a good idea. I would just be hesitant to put sand in my bowl personally. However it does get me thinking. Maybe I'll use the lathe to make a metal cover that would act the same as the sand. Hmm.
  12. it's like using paper to smoke

    use sand to vape, no problemo
  13. could you post a video of it man i wanna see this before i try it
  14. This is genius I don't know where I'll get sand from but I'm going to try a vaporiser bucket haha yeeaaaah thanks for sharing this bro

  15. This is a great idea! Never thought of doing that, I'll definitely try it out sometime. Just sketched out by putting sand on my herb, lol personal thing I guess. :D
  16. It doesn't matter if the sand is melted or not. The chance of inhaling any kind of silicate directly into your lungs is not beneficial for your health. Problems from silicosis can crop up late in life, you will never see it coming.
  17. Same the whole sand in my weed thing is another thing in skeptical about

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