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San Francisco Medi Pickup - Romulan, Candy Jack, Super Trainwreck & SOMA Lavender

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 2much420, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Romulan - $55/eighth

    Candy Jack - Super deal @ $40 for 4g

    Super Trainwreck - Amaaaazing smell & taste, super fruity, extremely sweet, sweeter than any bud I've ever smelled

    SOMA Lavender - $55/eigth

    And of course, every bowl I'm smoking tonight has a bit of Pineapple Wax on top from good 'ole SPARC dispensary.

  2. The Jack looks bomb.
  3. One of the few times im envious of a stash pic :smoking:
  4. I need to go to cali
  5. romulan and that wax...

    droolin at my sober self!


    nice pick up bruh.
  6. that wax looks delicious, imma have to hit up sparc one of these days
  7. For sure. Be sure to check up their inventory online first though. Wax isn't a common one.
  8. Medithrive is bomb I love them they have such good strains its the only place i go to. check my thread out
  9. Omg that looks amazingggvxdvghxbjcmjkkb ghjk

    Sorry, I had to clean off my keyboard. Lol
  10. Has anyone else tried the Candy Jack from Green Door? So tasty, and by far one of my favorite wake'n'bake buds. Super energetic high.
  11. No looks great though. Im gonna try harbor side either today or tomorrow they have a great selection of concentrates

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