San Antonio in 2 weeks!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Buddeh, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Well, I can't wait to visit my hometown for the summer. Going to be chill as fuck. Anyone in the San Antonio area PM me and we can definitely chill. I will probably have to leave all my pipes, grinders, and other shit at the house. No way I'm getting caught with that shit on me.
  2. smart thinking keeping your possessions at your house man,
  3. Yeah, I do want to take some of my stuff real bad, like my grinder. I want to collect all the kief because I will be buying pure headies. My friend knows a bunch of dank dealers and we are going half and half on most sacks we get. Northern Lights x Supersilver Haze FTW! It will be my first time trying the real DANK any suggestions?
  4. Clean your grinder out so you can bring it with you bro.

    My suggestion to you is to roll yourself a nice fat dutchie of some real dank and smoke it to yourself or with a friend and have a good time man.
  5. Yeah, I'm lookin for people to chill with from GC while I'm down there. Always up to meeting new people (no homo)
  6. Shoot me a PM, and if I'm not too busy with work when youre in the area, we could possibly chill if ya have time.

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