Samsung 37" Plasma HD Ready TV for $ it worth it?

Discussion in 'General' started by Young Dro, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I see it listed around the internet between 2300 and 3500 but i dunno about it, they dont make it anymore, but i was thinking of buying this for 650 and reselling for 1500 to 2000??
  2. I've never seen a Samsung HDTV that cheap, let alone that size. If there's nothing wrong with it go ahead and buy it..
  3. ya im a little skeptical of the buyer as he has no reputation and no pics of it, but if he can provide them i will def be buying it
  4. Oh, and theres a 23 in. on a website's store i saw for 600, so yes they do go that low if you look but this is an auction.
  5. Do it samsungs are sick.
  6. I won the to see if its authentic
  7. man unless its 1080p and some funky crazy deal no way could you re-sell that for more than you bought it for
  8. Its 1080i, 1024 x 1024 resolution. HDMI ports. Super Hi-Res, not the highest def, but whatever, that pic would look sick. And everywhere I saw it on the internet it was at 2000, its unopened, so im thinking i can resell for at least 1500.
  9. I wouldn't buy a plasma period. There is plenty of nice lcd tvs that are cheap.
  10. waste of time
  11. I would say it's not worth it. But then again, I doubt I'd ever spend more than $50 on a TV.

    There's so many better things to do with life...

    But I guess that's just me.
  12. I agree but I have severe depression and would rather
  13. Im reselling it, like i said, but if he wont show me a pic of it, i wont be buying it...ill take the hit on my rep on ebay to save 650.
  14. And the only way i see it being a "waste" of anything is if he is a fake/stealer/jacker. Otherwise it was pretty damn good deal. And i agree with the thing about plasmas sucking compared to LCD, but plasmas do have better pictures, they just dont last as long and are mroe expensive...

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