Salvador Dali Appreciation Thread

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  1. Hey fam who here has heard of Salvador Dali? He has done some sick painting and if you have not heard of him I would recommend looking him up.

    Lets post our favourite paintings from him and talk about them for the fuck of it :D

    Thats one of my favourites... I will discuss it if someone else gets in on this thread I don't want to explain what I think it means if nobody else cares about good ol Dali.
  2. I love Dali. I have a Dali elephant tattoo on my back. The one with the freaky long legs.
  3. "Take me, I am the drug. Take me, I am the hallucinogenic"

  4. Dali is an (almost) forgotten legend of art. He combines so many different aspects into each piece that it just, blows minds. He opened up so many peoples minds with his art, also raising many questions. I can not even begin to explain to you guys how great this man is, or how much fucking respect i have for him..
    i fucking LOVE Dali. Back when i was drawing/painting a lot, i used alot of the same techniques he used, and kind of used his idea of combining things that dont normaly go together to create something of vast meaning.
    this thread is the SHIT!!

  5. I have been keeping an eye out for someone good enough to do a good surreal tattoo. That is an awesome tattoo you have if it is that trippy elephant I don't know how to give plus rep... so I will give you a like instead :D
  6. I remember being taught about him in high school and I thought his work really stood out among the rest in the books that I studied from.
    His painting with the clocks captivated me.

    Oh, and he had an awesome mustache. And an awesome wild cat.

  7. Yea honestly I was shocked there was not already a thread for this man.. I needed to make one as soon as I found out there was none cause anyone can appreciate how awesome his art is and to the fellow stoners who have not heard of him I am sure they will like it to haha.

    Dali is what makes me want to be an artist.. I have not really had enough time to start but now I am starting to practice. I really don't even know how to say how much I love his work it is just insane! I went most of my life thinking art was alright.. my parents used to take me to art galleries that were ok I guess but once my friend showed me Salvador Dali I really got into art. A part of my always liked surreal type things but I never knew that there were artists out there that did such amazing paintings for it.

    There are a few artists worth mentioning but Salvador Dali is my favourite and like I said he is the reason I am trying to get the suck out of my system and finally learn to draw and paint. Dreams fascinated me and I use to try to draw things like a dream but never could then I just gave up but after having artists to look up to I changed that and I still may suck but now I am not giving up thats for sure.
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    You have no idea how jealous I am that your highschool taught something like that.. My art teacher use to show us these wave pictures and would get us to draw trees or waves :mad:
  9. I was pretty much free in what I chose to draw given a certain assignment. I would for instance have to draw a building with influences from nature, or I would have to chose a line from a song and paint or draw my artistic impression of that line and write it on the painting with nice letters.
    We used to spend half the time learning about art history and the other half drawing and painting.
  10. thats how it was back when i was in high school. we would learn about almost all of the famous artists, it was the shit. We had advanced drawing classes, witch i took, and it was, no learning, here are some assignments, complete on your own time. OOh boy were some of those hard as fuck haha, but it was very enjoyable to be doing that. I used to have soooo much art, but i lost half of it, quit drawing....:(
    im slowly coming back though. i have a few things im working rite now
    some recreations of things i lost.
    that actually just sparked an idea in my head*off to write it down
  11. I chose art class because I thought I could kinda slack off a little and not do anything. I was right, all I had to do was listen to the teacher talk about art history and then draw a little and talk to friends. But I still produced some pretty cool stuff there. :D

    But this has nothing to do with Mr. Dali and his thread does not deserve to be derailed.

    My mother used to have a poster of this in the living room:
  12. This one has stood out to me in a way, I am in no way religious at all. in this pictures sense. But this picture really stood out to me
  13. [ame=]YouTube - Destino / Salvador Dali - Walt Disney[/ame]

    movie he did with disney in 1946 that didn't get finished till 2003. its really tripped.
  14. I went to private school and even in public school art class just was not what it should be.. anyways you are right! back to Dali. I have always liked that painting and thank you for giving me the idea of getting some posters that way I will not need to look at a computer screen for ages when I get absorbed into his art.

    I am going to go to sleep now but I will post more of his art that I like tomorrow I just wanted to get this thread started before I went to sleep. I'm glad so many others like Salvador Dalis work as well :D
  15. I remember this one from art class.
    I doubt it was meant this way but I've always seen the windows (I think they are windows) in this painting as the hull of a spaceship.

  16. That is so awesome that I refuse to watch it all sober and will finish it tomorrow thanks for sharing that!
  17. Haha I was thinking the exact same thing.
  18. yeah no doubt, thought i share one of the gems of my history of animation class
  19. Dali did some awesome stuff. I was just browsing through my coffee table book of Dali paintings this morning.
  20. I need to get a book of them or a poster for sure.. yah he did.
    I have always really liked this painting.. theres so much to it.

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