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  1. anyone live there? I'm moving down there in a few days. Trying to get some education now that i graduated HIGH school.

    Whats there to do? i gotta go boarding though when it snows
  2. I heard its nothing but mormonville.

    Good luck finding a bag.
  3. mormons HO!

    good luck

    maybe this site will come in handy

    We Be High
  4. I've only heard bad things about Utah in general.
  5. I live in cali now.. But have lived in Utah my whole life... Moved from there about 4-5 months ago.... I know everything about the scene down there I could let you know anything you need too know...

    First of all there is quite a bit of shwag in the lower end parts of town say north salt lake which is Rose Park(the ghetto) that is where the Mexicans,Polynesians,Arabs,Bosnians,and poor whites... There are very few black people around...

    Now there are places like midvale, and sandy.. which are about 15 mins out and very nice- people are a little mormony and maybe a little judgemental to an extent... but by no means is this a "mormon state" actually it kind of is they own the newspapers and have a lot of control of the down town and above cities..

    If you go a little west like west valley, kearns and such you will find white trash type people.. little more crime gang and dumb shit.. I dont like that part of town

    Now I will say I went to the dispense today and grabbed some purple amythist.. really good looking, has a little bit of a lawn mower smell(wasn't cured all the way) but dank none the less

    Now The truth the pot is better in utah than in Cali--- I promise this to be so and yes I said it... The people are smarter there and dont fuck up when they grow... there is a big scene for it and prices vary to be around 45 an eighth of the best or like 260$ an ounce of dankies,,, People cure there pot and it is good and around go to "creek side" disk golf course off of highland dr. and van winkle(south salt lake) you will meet great people there bring a disc a pipe and play the course.. There is not much night life.. Cops are bastards on pot.. but it is one of the most gorgeous clean places in the world... great place to raise kids but I left because of getting caught with smoke twice and that resulting in harsh probation.. Utah has the most beautiful women per capita -Fact
  6. That is an impossible fact.
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  7. Sorry. I meant too say salt lake city... This has been so for at least ten years, so unless it has changed as of recent this is public information somewhere and these Mormon women are amazing- most cases they have perfect genes(man thats racist)-true

    Now there are a lot of overweight people in Utah this is true. But go to the mall I am not Lying amazing women, AMAZING!!!!

    The alcohol is sold at liqour stores which are government owned close generally around 9pm one or two stay open till 10...Closed Sundays and holidays!! No alcohol sold after one... Beer can be got anywhere... but highest Alc content is 3.2% I have no clue how they get away with this but the beer is water...

    The women are gorgeous and I do miss the look they have out there. Little more scraggly here... I love Cali and never have been more happy but Utah is amazingly pretty... But the people got too me. They are all pretty stressed out.. and not really happy go lucky.. You don't really get away with approaching people with conversation you don't know like you can out here which is nice.. The women are a little bitchy. But I found some of the most amazing ladies out there that could not be found anywhere else... Kinda weird

    ask me anything I'll give you practically addresses of where the cool shit is. tell me what you down with your scene.. which city you goin????
  8. I still prefer the California women.
  9. Bro I have lived in cali for an additional 2 years besides now, been to all cities.. The women here are gorgeous and have such a variety. The blonde volley ball look comes too mind and the cute hippie girls. and the more plain Janes that have that body tooo which is all good.... But they are any corner you turn out there it is packed with pretty polygamist girls, no just kidding but it is packed with them.. Lets just say your a little more likely to go down under over there.. LOL

    The women are hard to pull.. A little stuck up.. And I'm a good lookin 20 somthin year old

  10. arazona girls are pretty fine as well

    all under age though

    and drama queens

  11. thanks for all the information brother.. Ill be living in farmington not far from salt lake.
    I looked at we be shit seems legit.

    wheres the cool shit.. i wanna explore mtns and such
  12. I believe farmington is by Bountiful which is north of salt lake about 10-13 mins out.. That is a very mormony area... very. Beautiful mountain side there, your just hugging some of the prettiest. The houses in that area are old like a hundred years... but very well kept.. Generally 4 bedroom houses... small. Not much to do out that way but the real scene is downtownish and a little further south for 15-30 miles.

    The salt lake city area's Grid system is based around the Mormon temple... So you have north temple, south temple, Etc State st.. and then it just grids out from there block by block... 100,200,300.......5000 s 6000 e ya know. Very simple

    But farmington has there own grid.. Based on the same concept of course like all others

    Your real young huh...? sucks when daddy says.... Hey guys were all movin too UTAH!!!!

  13. "Where to buy marijuana in Salt Lake City: If you just moved to SLC and you dont know anybody, you can EASILY get weed from latino dealers near Pioneer Park and the homeless shelters on 400 West. They sell heroin and crack, as well, but they have got some MAJORLY good weed in $5 bags that weight out to about 1.5 grams. In my experience, I have never been ripped off or anything. One time, I even fronted a dealer $20 and he made off on a bicycle. Just as I started thinking I was screwed and feeling dumb for fronting, he comes back and said he couldnt find his guy and gave me my $20 back. So I went to McDonalds, grabbed a burger, and came back in 15 minutes. Same dealer rode up to me and gave me about 4 grams of 3 hit quitter for my $20 (in four little bagies). Im all my years in Utah, I have never smoked schwagg..

    Now if you want to find like-minded people, the U of U is school with a big drug culture. Go hang out at the Pie on 400 S directly below the campus. Start talking to some students and be cool with people, you know, build trust. Suggest smoking some of them out as a good will gesture. Once you find a few people that smoke, you will never be dry. Ive never seen more weed than my 3 years in Utah."

    --------------That is so real man... even the crack heads were brought up in probably such a religous background that they rarely cheat, steal. or even mistreat... Very cool

    The gang is great.. sounds like this guy was gettin midies.. Those are great I went for the shit that was oozing goodness and paid.. But I will say the good priced mids out there are amazing sativa grown.. usually no seeds or few and very piney lush and flavorful.
  14. By the way the Pie pizzaria is known as the best pizza in the state.. A little cheezy for me personally but it is an awesome hot spot, chill hangout really original. I have never had better pizza than what the pie has.... I actually new the old owners and worked there as a young kid I was like 15 at the time cleaning under the benches...(found a condom once....) But trust me the place is clean as fuck... even kinda smells like fuck. JK

    Now listen here hippies... On about 300 e and 200 s there is a little joint called " One World Cafe " Check this place bro you will shit yourself.. You walk in and there is usaully a chill hippie dude or chick dreddy or not who cares just chill ass person... They have a small kitchen behind him... There are about three table lengths of food in diffrent bowls and assortments of all kinds of fresh grown(out there garden even sometimes)-they own a community garden... and complete vegetarian dishes. With Usually some really good turkey or chicken as well.. soups coffee amazing deserts. Kiesh(egg pie shit I dont know how to spell it) SO GOOOD..... Now they have about 4 rooms to pick from when you choose to sit down and they all have kinda different themes like family, laid back, date maybe(scored me some beautiful ass to take a date there)..... Now during the day you can see this place get packed with all kinds of folk even the lunch time business men come stop in for some of the best and healthiest food theyv'e ever had.... Now you finish eating and just realized you haven't paid yet.. Just go up to the front and there is a little treasure chest with a slot.....Take what you feel your meal was worth and pay that amount... If you don't have the cash then you don't have the cash..Yes I just said you could eat there for free... I just never have and never would because it is soooooo goood... I just remember gettin low on funds and always thinkin in my head.. I could always hit up one world and score a meal.. I ate there a lot.

    Geez I bet that would get some crazy replies on a new thread.

    Yes I
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    i visited salt lake and provo, mormons everywhere, but yes, omg the women are amazing, i actually dont even remember seeing a fat women anywhere

    i didn't really like it, it seems like the whole state lives under mormon laws, most restaurants dont even have carbonated soda, i dont like soda but seriously.

    i have nothing against mormons, i actually have a friend that goes to BYU, but my god, mormons live in there own dream world. the mormon religion just makes them slaves.
  16. dont listen to these folks man. i grew up in Salt Lake, its not that bad. besides all my friends say the mormons are being pushed out by the catholics. just dont talk religion with people and you will be okay. Anyway, i make regular trips home to see my friends and family, its quite an enjoyable place especially in the winter months.
  17. Thats funny, cuz when mormons leave CA, they go straight to Salt Lake. I've seen it happen. My friend's ex-wife is mormon and is now brainwashing his son with all this mormon bullshit.

    CA is the root of all evil to mormons.
  18. No im 19 and im choosing to move there... my rents are divorced and im moving in with my mom cuz she sadi she will pay for me to go to school:hello:
  19. The mormon religion is just another religion, but in Utah they live it like they are gods.. They all think they are better than you and very judgemental... Very different from a mormon in another state.... Yes I agree. Do not talk religion... People there are very absent minded and a good ten years behind the curve. Provo is very MO
  20. Hey peeps,

    Below is just a re-post of mine from another thread talking Utah grass. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions/concerns about the local scene and you're coming from outta town. Utah can be a hostile place for tokers. Even the ganja culture has adapted to the somewhat 'strict' regulation of substance and its conservative policies. But thats not to say that things aint alive and well! I've been smoking almost daily for 6 years and have never been arrested, and only once been stopped and let go with a warning. Utahns smoke smart, keep your ear to the ground and you'll never have to worry.

    Having lived in Salt Lake City for most of my life, I can confidently tell you that whatever wacky socio-political myths that get thrown around about the culture of the city and the intelligence of its inhabitants is probably a misconception. Divide Salt Lake religiously: 65% non-LDS, 35% LDS; divide it politically: 65-70% Democratic, 20% Republican. 75% of the SLCs inhabiants are implants, having moved to Utah for various reasons (the least of which is religion; mostly business thanks to the states recently booming economy and relitivly low cost of living).

    Throw in the University of Utah's some 20,000 full time enrollment, close proxemity to the most liberal college in the mountain west and an outdoor playground that receives worldwide accolades, well you have a pretty diverse crowd on your hands. As for the more suburban areas of the state, yes, the Chruches presence will be felt in some disagreeable ways, but once you leave the city and start exporing the wilderness Utah has to offer, this state shines.

    What does this say for your ganja problem? It says that if you know where and how to look, finding green in this red state is just as easy as any other.

    Prices? Fair. 50 dollars will get you an eighth almost worth the price. Stay away from the mids as they are usually not, and overpriced at best. If push comes to shove, I would be willing to see if we can't get you set up so that your stay in natures most diverse playground is a pleasant one. PM me if the time comes and your are still searching for a hug, I'm always happy to burn some herb with a fellow conesiur of the outdoors.

    Also, if there are any other tokers in or out of the state that would like to get together for some beers and some herb, feel free to get in on this love as well.

    Keep your facts straight kids, and don't let someone else's misguided opinion tell you what's what.

    Peace. \t\t"

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