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  1. I'm not going to be posting amazing stuff like some of the other people on here but I want to share what I've been getting. Picked this up today in St. Marks. Price was 110, with tax so around 110 I got him down to 90 including tax, so I was so happy lol. Go down the street and bam, same one for 60 bucks, but I hustled him to 50. So I go back and try to return it, he said no. I even offered to return it for only 80 bucks but he said no. I'm defenitly pissed but I learned my lesson, so it's all good. Gonna hit it tonight, pretty exited :bongin:
    Also, he threw in a nice double glass bowl because i didn't like the single glass one it came with.

    Subscribe if you want to see what i'm getting soon, it's a 45cmx5mm RooR with an ash catcher and a sick bubbler :smoking:!!!

  2. Looks nice man. Sucks though that you didn't look at the other head shop though =(
  3. The only problem is that it's so small, which is why I bought it, but it's so small that the ice won't fit in the mouthpiece unless you crush it up which is getting annoying, but it still rips pretty hard.
  4. i really like that stemless and i think it would look really sweet with a nicely worked bowl. haven't seen a bent neck in that angle before, hopefully the glass isn't too stressed at the bend.

    how's the balance on that? i had a buddy with a bent neck ZOB that would keep tipping over b/c of the shape, he eventually had to get a glassblower to add a glass "kick stand" to the piece
  5. It balances fine, haven't had a problem yet, it stand up perfectly. And yea i'm going to get a nice worked bowl for it, and i'm also going to either
    a) Use my roor ash catcher thats coming or
    b) Get an ash catcher for it.
    I think it would be alot easier to use with an a/c thats bent off to the right side because my eyes are kind of blocked from seeing the bowl at the angles it has.
  6. haha rsorry to hear about your little mishap.. nice bong tho
  7. if you're going to get an ashcatcher try to get one with a 90* joint
  8. if you were using an ashcatcher with multiple downstems you would want the water line to be equal across all the slits so one side doesn't diffuse more than the other
  9. So, obviously 50 would have been amazing but was 90 a bad deal for it? I'm killing myself for overpaying like this...
  10. So wait hows it go through water? Can you throw up a milkshot of just a shot of it filled up with the usual amount of water
  11. [​IMG]
    Whats your question?
  12. I didnt see a stem or anything so i was pretty confused lol but + rep for pulling through on a pic
  13. damn it looked a lot bigger in the first pictures, sucks you didnt get it for cheaper then 90 and you should know, no headshops (that ive ever had experience with) ever let people return pieces.
  14. Yeah, it's called a stemless becaue it has no diffueser or regular downstem. Thats expeccially why i need an ash catcher baucause the ash gets stuck in that little tube .
  15. ALRIGHT!!! My roor and bubbler came in the mail yesterday, and i wasn't home to pick it up. By the time I got the slip, the post office was closed so I went after school today and picked it up! People who complain about EDIT, I don't know where your coming from, I got everthing I ordered quickly and perfectly.
    I'll start you off with some pics of the bubbler
    The RooR regular downstem that came with the bong.
    The free RooR diffused downstem.
    The bong itself!!
    Sick Sig

    A sick picks of the ice notches, which look small but I tested it out, works fine.
    Family Shot with (from left to right) 45cmx5mm Beaker RooR (unnamed) my 3 or 4 inch glass chillum (Big Z.) sick sherlock bubbler (unnamed) and the 12" bent stemless (Killer).
  16. how much did the roor run you? my friend has the same exact one
  17. It was like 320, and a 175 ash catcher, but that's backordered, it's shipping June 3rd and coming in about a week later. The bubbler was 40.

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