Saliva Test question. Please help! :(

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    Hello everyone. I have a saliva test on wednesday or thursday. I haven't smoked since late last friday night. my test can detect >1 ng/ml for thc. I've been brushing my teeth three times a day, drinking excessive water, and using mouthwash a lot since saturday. Do you think i have a chance to pass it?
    The lab performing the test is
  2. Yea, those things are very inaccurate. I would drink only water, take a couple vitamen c supplements per day to boost your immune system. They are going to rub in on your cheek so if you can get them to hit the gums a little more you might throw the test off and test negative.
  3. Thanks! I find myself very concerned because the website of forensic fluids says that it is state of the art and blah blah blah. I'm super paranoid :(
  4. Right before u take the test shake some peroxide in your mouth. I passed with flying colors and i smoked the day before i tool it.
  5. im pretty sure saliva tests can only detect drug use up to 48hrs prior to test...its something like that man saliva tests suck ass man your good
  6. Hydrogen peroxide? hahaha I'll try it for science!
  7. I rinse with hydrogen peroxide about once or twice a week, it's actually good to do it.

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