Saints row 2 Stomps GTA!!

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  1. You might think i'm crazy for the title but i found saints row 2 used today for only 30 bucks, and had some extra cash, so i had to pick it up. I fucking love this game. There are so many things you can customize and purchase, and the whole storyline is hilarious. I think that's why i sold my copy of gta 4 after beating it. They filled it with too much realism, and not enough creativity. Which one do you guys prefer, if you've played both?
  2. nawh man you crazy...
  3. Quite scared to try it.

    I bought Saints Row 1 at EB for $14.99 (I was wondering why it was marked down so much).
    I laughed SO HARD when I played it!
    It was the worst new-generation game I've ever seen!
    So fucking dumb!
    The driving was ridiculous, the gun play sucked, the missions were all retarded and time-based, the plot lacked anything and everything which would make it an actual plot..

    I played it for a total of 1.5 hours before never playing it ever again.
  4. Yeah, i didn't play the first one too much. I love the second one though, because it has all of the extra things you can do like in older GTA's (san andreas). You can buy properties, cars, customize your look, recruit a full gang. The story isn't supposed to be great, more humor to it. I'll admit GTA 4 looks and handles better, but saints row 2 is alot more fun to play, and that's why i play games in the first place.
  5. The physics are my favourite part about GTAIV though, and Saints Row 2 looks to have really bad physics once again.

  6. DIITO!!

    I really like the idea of saints row, they could pull it off but it failed. I still way to sketchy about staints row 2...
  7. i have both, play both on and off - - saints row 2 is "gta's wacky little cousin" its a newer company so theyre not going to have as good artists and developers, but as for "wackdeafboy \t \t\tRe: Saints row 2 Stomps GTA!!


    I really like the idea of saints row, they could pull it off but it failed. I still way to sketchy about staints row 2..."

    they didnt fail they went for some retarded madness filled version of gta and did it, the 2nd one is no different, the map is slightly different but the customizations are much better and have much less bugs
  8. You are all insane, GTA4 was a joke to all the other GTA's, Saints Row is like a classic GTA. It plays more like GTA 3 - San andreas than GTA 4 does and thats why its great...GTA 4 was just crap.
  9. i LOVE gta, but i was really sad when i played gta 4. i didn't even finnish it, it started to bore me. San Andreas blew my mind when i first played it, i can't even begin to add up the hours i played that. I bought it twice.... good times.

    I havn't played saint row 2 yet. But i'm looking forward to it, and you made me want to play it even more.

  10. I never liked san andreas. GTA vice city and GTA 4 is the best!
  11. I didn't even finish GTAIV. I got annoyed and bored with it. I should eventually finish for the gamerscore... But other than that, it was rather boring.

    As for SR, I have never played either one except for the first's demo. By the demo, it reminded me of a "cartoon-y" GTA, much like GTA3 and San Andreas, actually. Haha. GTAIV is a grown up version of the series. It was fun, but got way too boring in the story mode. The story is trying way too hard and pretty much screws over free play because it effects it directly.

    I'd much rather get online in the free mode and go around in a helicopter with friends on Live terrorizing the city.
  12. Hah, no.
    San Andreas was a blemish on the GTA series.
    As a fan of the GTA series since GTA1 I can honestly say that GTA4 is one of the best of the series.
    The only problem with 4 is that Niko is a very annoying character, perhaps the most annoying ever experienced in a GTA game.
  13. I gotta agree. The plot is HORRIBLE. I mean cmon where do they get these actors?? The gameplay was BORING. The missions were all repetitive and Id say I spent maybe 2-3 hours on the game before I got tired(not continuously). Ontop of that the handling on cars is fucking GAY. They made it a little too realistic(or unrealistic?), I miss being able to drift :rolleyes::rolleyes:. Id say the best part of GTA4(and the only thing worth the time) is the actual graphics. It does trump SR in that but as far as gameplay and interactiveness is concerned GTA4 gets a big FAIL!
  14. You guys are fucking crazy, bashing on gta4. That game is fucking sick! I could never grasp on gta till gta4 came out. It was the best of the series beside gta vice city. Niko is a badass character, I don't see how he annoying?
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    The acting/plot is HORRIBLE... Just look at how that fag Niko talks to his girl Michelle in the beginning. I mean honestly, who the fuck really talks like that?

    The missions are mostly repetitive and get boring really fast...

    No airplanes, bikes, customization whatsoever.. Yeah I want to be able to put 20"s and nice paint on my car, why the fuck not? We should also be able to customize the character a bit like in san andreas... but nope. nothing.

    On top of that Ive heard horrendous stories for the game play on PC. They even had to give refunds to a lot of PC gamers because of how horrible coded the game was...

    The driving is PISS POOR... You cant go around any corners without almost coming to a complete stop.. I can still turn a corner in my REAL car at 20-30mph so I would expect GTA to be the same... No drifting either. You just spin into an uncontrollable spin and crash into something. Sometimes even getting ejected and dying. GAY!

    The only thing that was good about the game was the graphics itself. It was basically like GTA3 all over again but with nicer graphics. Dont get me wrong, I loved GTA3 but cmon... Its 2009. I was expecting more of a San Andreas(or vice city) with nice graphics. That would of kicked ass...

    This game gets an F- from me and im 100% glad I didnt pay for it....

    Just to be clear if I really like a game I will pay for it. I am indeed a pirate at heart though :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  16. from what im hearing this game kicks ass. i dont own a next gen console(yet), but ive played gta and i agree with what a previous poster stated: too much realism, not enough creativity. i mean, why why why the fuck would they take customizable cars and nitrous etc out of the new gta???
  17. sigh* that is niko character. that how he talks....
    The storyline is okay, not the best but okay...
    There bikes, choppers, boats, trucks, semi trucks. They didn't want to add airplanes in the game. There was nothing to do with it.... Rockstar knows this stuff, SAN ANDRES has airplanes....
    The missions are not repeative, I don't know what you're talking about dude. You have to know the story to know why you have to do the missions.
    The driving, they didnt have sense of speed but you do turn at 20mpg in the game, you couldn't tell how fast its going. All other cars are going 20-35mph. I never went complete stop to turn. My driving skills in the game is the best. your statement failed.
    The chararcters, rockstar wants to you feel this character, wants you get know more of this character. You can customize your character online. It not that bad. In staints row, you have no sense/feeling of the character at all. It's lame.
    PC is a different the consoles and rockstar focus on consoles first, that why pc game came out later and found out that there was more problems. You know why? cause pc has a different coding then consoles.

    Staints row is too glitchy, lame storyline, customation is where its at but overall, IT's SHIT!

    Face it, you never played gta4. so get off your high horse.

  18. That is the point of the GTA! That how rockstar wants you feel. More realistic, get you feel more alive in the city. Make you feel how naughty you are when you kill people.

    staint's row failed in that area.
  19. Its a close call between the two... If your looking and which is simply more fun though, I would have to say Saints Row 2, easily.
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    First of all you need to work on your grammar a bit.. Its very hard to read. (No offense intended)

    I still stand by all my statements. If you like it then more power to ya! I personally feel they failed though... Also why couldnt they incorporate drifting, customization, etc... Because they were too busy worrying about every detail in the graphics :p. Hopefully now that they have some more graphics to work with they can focus on the actual gameplay in the next version...

    Also the coding is NOT that much different from console to PC... It just depends on how they made it. Thats irrelevant though. If your going to sell a game then you better make damn sure it works before it hits the shelves... How would you feel if you put in your Xbox disc and it wouldnt work?? Im sure it took thousands of complaints for them to finally even do anything about it too....

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