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  1. does anyone know how safe it is to post info about personal grows on here? isnt there a way for feds to trace a post back to a specific computer? just curious before i started posting anything on here.
  2. Yes of course there is a way. And George W can listen in on whomever he wants. Thankfully, the server for GC is in Europe some where so, as far as I know, they can not get shut down. The other thing is, how can they get a warrant to storm your gates based on the info you show here? There is no proof that any of the plants that any of us post here are our own. How would they know that we just didn't download plants from (I just made that up) and played them off as if we grew them? Info like that would be very difficult to get a warrant for. Anyway, welcome to the City and please feel free to post all your pictures (plagiarized or not) here on the site.
  3. thanks alot for the info. just wanted to make sure before i started posting anything.
  4. Yea, it's long as you dont give out any personal info you should be all set.

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