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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by dj420, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. Hey I'm wanting to order some seeds
    but am worried about safety. I live in the US and would like your opinion as to where the best place is to get me some seeds safely and undetected. Whats the best way of ordering? In someone elses name that had this address previously or a different address all together? I don't want to pay with credit card, money order would be preferred.
    What do you think?
  2. DEFINITLY NOT CREDIT CARD, that is a 99% f*ck you up the ass deal. Even if the site is good the DEA and all those three letter names spend millions on buying credit, hmm not sure what it called, but like the lists of what people are buying, to get growers. Like if your buying lights and other growing equipment ALWAYS pay cash.

    Sending a money order is safer in a way, but not really. I wouldn't send money using like paypal, or online systems, or creditcard, or check, cause they all have your address. Money orders are alright so is cash.

    Like if you grow in a forrest or at a friends house or whatever, just not your house then anything is like 95% safe. 5% non cause who knows, maybe they will start watching where you go and catch you sometime but most of the time its ok. But I would still go with cash or money order to be a little safer there. But still you have like 2-3% risk.

    Why I am saying money order and cash are same: Well normally you send people money order so if they say they never got your money(meaning they steal your cash) then you can prove it. But your not going to want to try to prove you sent money for illegal stuff! Well thinking of can get fined for having possesion of seeds, sometimes even more then having weed on you. So how can sites be selling seeds long? Are they legal in some areas or something, that what I am guessing? But then they wouldn't be allowed to ship to illegal areas, at least without notifying the law, hmmmm???? But money order is better like 1% because you don't have chance that mail man would take it, but they don't do that shit rarely anymore cause of the big risk on their part.

    So send them money order, send to a friends house if your growing at your own, or send to your house if your growing with a friend. I wouldn't recamend telling another friend that is not in on the growing that your sending seeds to their house, cause then another person knws and that is definitly NOT a good thing.

    NOTE: My percentages are just guesses that could help, I did not take the info off a site or a poll, they are not proven, just what I was estimating :)
  3. Now I am wondering after writing that, any of you think there is some good info somewhere in all that shit?

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