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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by the rainman!, Feb 23, 2002.

  1. last night i went to a funeral ,for a man i highly respected for his way of life and his kindness to others,now this story dont end there ! there were over 100+ people there and the last call by the trumpit was out standing and i well never forget it as long as i live! after ever one just about met at there home ,one part of the family set in the big house and talked openly to the widow and family members ,but there was a safty meeting ,if you know what i mean!!!!!! i saw 40-50 people smoke for three hours in a big circle talking and remembering him and his life and just out right haveing a great time getting to see one another ,the joints ranged from good size to as big as my thum and 7 inches long the "safty"! meeting moved from there to another home 4 miles away and and most ever one went to play pool and and get safer! we all smoked about 3/4 of a pound at this party and this was some great weed dudes! i got to say not one fight all night long ,no bad words any where ,ever one had a driver !ever one enjoyed the evening ,and most of all we shared are feelings openly and remembered him for the great man he was !we all felt very good luck tazz11
  2. What a heartwarming story!! I've been through a few "safety" meetings at Wakes for friends, always seems to be just the way for everyone to remember the good times shared with those departed. Peace tazz!
  3. i hear ya ! and it shows that we stoners are not just a munch of loud parters and people freaking out!

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