Safe way of cutting bottles?

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  1. After only smoking joints, I want to step it right up and try make a gravity bong from some glass and get a proper bowl/downstem rather than smoking through tin foil into a plastic bottle.

    But how do I get the glass to separate?
    I still live with my parents, and they used to be jewellers so we have some fairly diverse kit, but not a glass cutter.
    I've tried a scalpel and hitting the score with a very thin point and a hammer, but damn that glass is tough.
    I also accidentally dropped the bottle from about 5 feet onto lino and there was no trace of damage.

    Aside from that rather stupid idea, I've only heard of tying acetone soaked string around the bottle, setting it alight, then immersing it in cold water, which isn't much better.

    I've seen it done in videos and seen it on online guides and what not, but it seems quite like that old 4chan prank of heating up a spoon then cooling it. Basically, people were blinded when it shattered.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but I don't really want to hurt myself.

    N.B. my parents aren't completely averse to this but they don't agree with smoking, so I would rather not ask for their help. They worked with metal mostly anyway.
  2. other than the techniques youve mentioned, you can grab a dremel and a drill bit for cutting gllass...but thats gonna take a little investment. if youre a person who has interest in hobbies and such, a dremel may be a worthwhile investment.
  3. i thought you just need a glass cutting drill bit and you can use that with any drill. just run the spot you are drilling under water while you drill into it. (thats what ive read from here before)
  4. We probably have a dremel somewhere, as my dad's currently a joiner, but I don't know where it is.
    I'm not so clued up on them, unfortunately, so you'll have to explain.

    How could a drill bit cut? I assume you're talking about one of those bits that looks quite like a disc, otherwise I have no idea.

    We do have a few of those bits, but heat and glass dust would be a problem then.
  5. The have a glass cutting tool iys a little carbite disk about the size of a dime and I'm not sure if you have to buy the holder for it to cut bottles but I saw a video on youtube where they would make drinkjng glasses from bealer bottles all it score a line all the way aound the glass to it can break away clean.

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    FUCK.......I wrote a big fucking post for nothing. The acetone or alcohol on a string works. I have done it. You just have to smooth the edge. Sand in a bucket or big bowl works for that. Or use that shitty chrome car door trim to put around the edge.
  7. Cheers for all your help, I'll go ahead with the acetone.
    WITH safety equipment, of course.

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