Safe to start adding nutes?

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    The seedlings just turned two weeks old today, was wondering if it was safe to start adding nutes or not. I bought some fox farms big grow the other day and was told to only do it at half strength or less. Do they look OK for being two weeks old? A lot of other seedlings I've seen are a little bigger at this age. I did just transplant them a couple of days ago and watered before taking pics. I plan on letting them fill out these 6 inch pots then determine sex and throw out the males, I've got another batch of three more seedlings that are a week behind these as well. They are Nirvana Northern Lights. Also anyway to naturally raise humidity levels? My humidity has never been higher than 35% and is usually around 25%. Thanks brothers 


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  2. half strength  sounds good.
    raising humidity? shallow pans, old cookie sheet, plates of water does the trick.
  3. if you transplanted into new quality soil just a couple of days ago, then you shouldn't be needing any nutes.
    do your plants look healthy?
  4. No, not until there at least a month old, there's enough in the soil, you'll just burn/stunt your plants
  5. Well what kind of soil did you transplant into? This is what matters, you could transplant into a mix that has little to no nutritional plant value which then yes you would start introducing nutes soon, like snoopdogg said half strength is good maybe even 1/4 stregth to start.But say you just transplanted into a rich organic soil chock full of nutes for the plant, would you add additional nutes then? No i wouldnt at this pointSo op, what did you transplant into?
  6. just saw the pics that you added..
    i vote no nutes.
    they look perfectly fine and happy.
  7. Transplanted them into Fox Farms Ocean Forest, So i know its full of nutes already. I just added a pic as well, they do look pretty healthy, just thought they would be growing alittle faster than this. 
  8. Thanks, I was thinking about a plate of water, I'm guessing the more surface area of the water the higher the humidity?
    definitely nothing but water for at least 3-4 weeks.
    Even a pan with pebbles works well.
  11. Sounds good, but no nutrients needed yet, it wont make them grow any faster at that stage.
  12. Thanks Sir, Also is it safe to transplant one more time after this? I wanted them to fill out the pot, sex them then throw out the males and transplant one last time. 
    give them a few more days after that transplant and you'll be amazed at how fast they take off once they settle in.
    yup absolutely..
    i usually start in solo cups till about week 3 ish.. then to 1 gal pots till they show sex, then to my final pot.
    i've used fox farm OF soil for years and still have the same bottle of veg nutes for at least 2 years now.. FFOF is great vegging soil, you won't need to add much if anything at all till you're ready to flower.
  15. [quote name="TurboDude66" post="19425117" timestamp="1390954762"]Transplanted them into Fox Farms Ocean Forest, So i know its full of nutes already. I just added a pic as well, they do look pretty healthy, just thought they would be growing alittle faster than this. [/quote]Now knowing that its FFOF I agree with AugustWest.OF has enough organic matter to last about 3-4 weeks
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    Im gonna ask the same question!
    The 4 on the outside edge are 39 days from seed, 2 in the middle are 14 days from seed.
    Yes i know they are stunted, cold nights first 2 weeks was putting the older ones into hibernation! (Thats been fixed this last week)

    My compost did have nutes in, i flushed it before i used to avoid burns as it wasnt a 420 type just a generic compost, its 50/50 with perlite
    i watered yesterday with PH'ed water at 6.9 as my soil had dropped to 5.5.

    Ive not yet started feeding as i was unsure if they could handle it yet, but im thinking that they are starting to look like N deficiency?

    Should i start feeding when they next need water?
    Or is it more likely a lockout from low ph thats causing this? (Although ph has been around 6.4-6.7 and they have always been this pale)

    The nute line i will be using is 'Advance Nutrients PH perfect' Grow, Micro & Bloom


    Additional info:
    Stealth Cab - 13x13x30", 2 intake, 2 extractor fans + circulation fan
    temp at plants - 28-30C
    Lights - 4x 125w CFLs, red & blue... Distance from CFL approx 6-8" (any closer they start to curl)
    Compost - Levingtons multi purpose 50/50 Perlite

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