Safe to smoke homemade bong?

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  1. Hello its not like im new to smoking or anything but sometimes when im between bongs in my stoner cycle i have a hard time finding a safe alternative to glass.

    So my question is: is there any way to make a good safe homemade bong with nothing bad like aluminum foil or plastics?
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    Get a glass vase or beer/liquor bottle and a diamond coated drill bit for drilling into glass, then take the gromet and bowl from an old bong, mabye even down stem if it survived and make new bong all out of glass, except the gromet or those colored cork lookin things. With those cork style plugs for the down stems you can also put that on top of a glass bottle and drill one or more holes on the upper side of the bottle to place a gromet and some of that clear tubeing to make a hooka.

    Gromets, drill and diamond coated bit, and tubeing is all available at hardware stores.

    I have also made pipes out of wood and a drill.



    Bell peppers.


    Watermelon gravity bong!

    I get pretty creative when im high.
  3. just try to stay away from anything that is not fairly inert. hard metals like stainless steel, glass, and fruit are good examples of things TO use.

    stay AWAY from glue, plastic, aluminum and such.

  4. use a apple
  5. just buy a real piece.
  6. Yeah, just buy a real bong...
    I got my first bong recently and it has a diffused downstem ash catcher ice catcher and 5mm glass.. And guess what I paid for it??
    35 bucks! It was 60 but their was a deal at my LHS for buy one get one free so I found a fellow stoner that was also glass shopping and asked him to split with me, it worked out perfectly and trust me this bong is better than half the pieces other people pay 80 for :)
  7. hey thanks for the responses everyone however i dont think you guys quite understood my question: "Safe to smoke homemade bong?" keyword bong. Thanks though and yeah im gonna buy another bong now im just a lazy fucker haha
  8. I smoke out of homemade bongs all the time I've smoked out of water bottles pop bottles pretty much any kinda of plastic bottle, and you can make a homemade pipe out of aluminum foil I've smoked out of them too.
  9. I used to use water bottles a lot, but then I found a perfect glass coke bottle, determined I wanted to make it into the sickest bong out. I bought a glass drillbit from the hardware shop @12mm.
    I then found a hardwood that was 12mm in diamater (hardwood so that it doesn't burn).
    After struggling to find a bowl, I just found a very small ceramic cup, buying a a ceramic drillbit and some heat resistant glue, I glued that to my wood pole. I now have an excellent, but retarded looking bong. :)
    You can use almost anything to make a bong... Fruit, wood, glass, plastic (probably not the best) and if you really struggle you can just make a pipe out of an artline pen.
  10. Plastic is safe to smoke out of, the vaporization point of plastic ( fumes ) is around 110 celsius, heat of the smoke entering the bottle and your lungs is 40-50 celsius therefore plastic is safe unless you burn it with your lighter.
  11. I always went with a socket bit, one of the small ones and jammed it into a small pen cAp for the bowl. And the stem is just a pen that the cap can fit in and wala best homade piece ever. You can also make percs. Look on youtube my old design is too complicated to word out
  12. Ahh i will try to make pipes out of fruit and vegetables, that sounds rad :D
  13. Buy a stem ($2) and you can make a bong out of anything.
  14. A home made gravity will never let you down and is easy to make!

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