safe to paint vaporizer box???

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by espn829, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. ok so here is my situation. I've been wanting to get a vaporizer for a while so I finally went to my headshop to checkem out and I ended up gettin offered a pretty good deal on a vapor tech only bad thing is the vape box has some ugly ass designs already on the wooden box so I was wondering if it is safe to spray paint it, I am going to tape off the digital part on the front and even tape off the opening in the box where the metal/glass rod is. so is this safe?
  2. What is the warranty on that unit?
  3. ya, that will work fine, just take extra care not to get the paint anywhere around the heating element or the mouthpiece and make sure it is 100% dry before using it again

  4. yeah ima just tape off the entire opening, the box is shaped just like the vaporbros vapes so ima just paint the top and sides of the box thanks
  5. I can't see anything wrong with this, Make sure you look around the vape to tape off any air intakes and whatnot, as i believe vapor bros and some others have them on the bottom.
  6. Nice question ive been wondering about that myself.

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