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Discussion in 'General' started by SirPackAnother, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Yeah, I was wondering if it's really safe to order stuff off here and have it shipped to me in Maryland, USA. I wanted to buy a hammer and a bong.
    They are beautiful pieces, but alot of my friends say it's a bad idea to buy pieces offline. They say it isn't safe and you can get in trouble and all sorts of bad shit...So i was wondering if thats really true or not? They said i need to go to a hemp shop. Just wondering on some feedback if it's really safe or not.

  2. I haven't heard of any real problems. Superjoint runs a legit business, that's how he pays for this big ass (ad-free) forum.

  3. dude its just glass...........

    there isnt shit the poilice can do.

    tell your friedns there stupid lol jk

    but sriously nothing on here is illegal until smoked out of
  4. Sure they can.

    The definition of drug paraphernalia differs from states to state (as I've been told) and some are very broad. It's not difficult to show that it's a cannabis device -- it's coming from a store that specifically sells such things; there is no legitimate claim that it is for tobacco use.
  5. As long as there is no drug residue in it, they can't take it away, unless you're getting busted and then even if it's clean, it's still considered paraphernalia.

    But, I know people who have ordered stuff online, like pipes and such and had no problem whatsoever :)
  6. I've heard that the laws differ from state to state.

    How do you think they locked Tommy Chong up for 9 months? For selling bongs in states that it was illegal.


    I know my shit.
  7. Never said ya didn't dude, but I think Tommy got put away more for who he is and not because of what he was selling. They're not gunna bust this kid buying a little bong, they have better shit to do, but who knows I've seen cops pull bullshit like that before.

    Must say though I didn't know they were so concerned with roach clips, more so than rolling papers.

  8. But i think chong was charged because he labeled and sold his bongs as BONGS and not WATER PIPES. At least thats what I heard.
  9. Actually, Chong was put away from selling a bong AS A "Bong" on eBay. I read an interview where he said most of the police who KICKED IN THE DOOR TO HIS HOUSE were really embarassed when they arrested him for the small bit of pot and the pipe he had.

    That's great. Sell a smoking device on eBay and the feds kick in your door like you were a terrorist or some kind of violent criminal.

    Fucking hate the government..
  10. What? I'm confused.

    It doesn't change the fact that if you're not aware of your state laws, there is a good chance you are legally liable for it.

    All I'm saying, I'm not trying to tell him that he is going to be put in jail for 9 months
  11. I remember after they charged Chong...a lot of websites selling bongs/pipes were seized by the government. I'm talking about almost every website you would click on, the front page would say something like THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN SEIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT BLA BLA BLA!!! now every one is selling "WATER PIPES" only in America.
  12. Well one of my friends uncle actually got in trouble for buying 3 bongs from a site that was strictly and all about weed...and it was one of those websites that were seized by the government and what not...he didnt get like big trouble...still had to pay some fines and shit for having drug paraphernalia in his it was a legit question, i was just curious if anyone had any problems in the states from ordering form this site is all...
  13. Check your state laws, man, all i can suggest.
  14. Well I cant really comment on whether or not its totally safe but I can give you one tip:
    If you DO order something, and instead of a package get a slip in the mail saying that your package has been held by the police and that you must appeal to have it delivered to your door, under most circumstances do NOT appeal. Doing so youre going to have to prove that you ordered it with no intent of using it for pot, from a source as obviously pro marijuana as this site. I have heared of a lot of cases like this, where if you don't appeal for delivery, and simply deny that you want the package, claim you dont know what is inside it, the police cant really charge you with possessing it. I would say if youre very worried just dont order anything too expensive from this site, at least that way if its taken away you havent lost too much.

    I would suggest you look for a local headshop where you can buy your paraphenelia and take it home with you, no pesky delivery.
  15. glass is glass, calling it a bong can be illegal but they can't charge you for ordering a piece of glass off of the internet.. if anything they will seize it at customs, but you will not get in trouble. I wouldn't buy shit off the internet only becuase you can't tell how good it is and it might not be the same as the picture.

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