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Safe CO2 Generators and ventalation

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by dunekorn16, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Generating Co2 for your plants is by far the best thing I have done. For a perminate Co2 generator get a bucket and fill it with water a milk jug works very well and warm water too. Now add a but load of sugar about 3 or 5 cups should do. Now stirr or shake the sugar into a solution. Next add active yest to this fornula and whammo tou have a liveing breathing C02 factory. Every week remove and replace a forth of the water and add a few teaspones of sugar and youll get a nice Harvest. The thing is the more or larger of these genorators will have a higher yeild of Co2.

    Ventalation, for a genorator like this it wont fill your chamber right away so let it go naturally and connect a latex tube to the generator and into the chamber. also because Co2 is thicker than air youll need to watch your tempurature, Because it is most likely to go up a little bit.

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