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saddest tragedy EVER

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ghost Grow, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. i finally find a weed connection in this asian country.
    i pay through the roof.
    i get 7 g instead of 10.
    i can't argue with it because i can't get it anywhere else.

    wake up the next morning:
    weed is covered in mold. was not cured properly and still damp.

    FML> this is like watching someone kick a puppy. mold on my weed.
  2. Anonymous call to the police to get the dealer in prison, yes?

    Whoever sold you that is a piece of shit. :mad:
  3. IF this wasn't the only hookup in town (or country), I would say this^^^

    But since it has been your only hookup, contact him back and just say WTF dude, if you want me to be a repeat customer, then fucking do this right.
  4. i know...i can't say shit. there are literally no other safe connections. the best i can do is wait for my SoG to bloom and then I'll have some premium White Widow and Silver Haze, and none of this will matter...but until then...shit.

    Gets worse...the guy must have known it was damp because I found desiccant in the weed when I cut it in that shit they put in shoes to dry them out...WTF puts desiccant in weed instead of curing it?
  5. oh my what a tragedy.
  6. i called the dude, btw, and was like, "dude, you know this isn't right." and he was cool about it, he was like, "i can sell it to someone else for you." and i was like, "you're going to poison someone else with this shit?" he says, "what? asians don't know any better. if they want to buy it, they want to buy it. i'll say it's a special kind." i was like, "fuck, you are a fucked up dude. that's like some shit i expect from heroin dealers to just fuck people over. you need to throw that shit away or cure it pronto."

    i mean really...who would knowingly sell people improperly cured weed? molded weed? knowing it was mold? shit could give people respiratory problems.
  7. what shitty asian cuntry are u in?
  8. i beg to differ...

  9. he's in the country that my parents are from. it's a shit country when it comes to stuff like weed.

    but yeah watch out man, don't wanna be on an episode of locked up abroad.

  10. Lmao I started thinking of how he's going to be on the discovery channel talking about what happened. "It all started with the moldy weed..." and then the episode would be called "Moldy Marijuana and the Danger it Poses to Today's Youth." He gets himself 25 to life for getting a gun and shooting the motherfucker when he tries to sell him another uncured bag of weed. Then he runs away to Thailand where interpol catches him.
  11. lmao, stfu guys. if i get locked up abroad it will be for growing this dank herb right here. i'm not buying again until harvest. fuck that. no more moldy weed. i'm ready for that 20% thc, sticky, icky primo.
  12. Dont most asian countries have like the death sentence for drug possession? If not Im pretty sure its like 20+ years right? Thats why there are no dealers...
  13. Very good point, man. Although that's only in the socially conservative ones. In mainland China, you can buy hash so easy it's not even funny. You literally just walk anywhere, look for a Jamaican dude, and say, "Hash." The cops don't really care about weed in mainland China. But yea, Singapore...shit. They will definitely try to put you away for good.
  14. OR maybe if youre lucky, you'll end up with a cane thrashing.

  15. What country in Asia? They don't cure it at all. It's mostly crappy brick weed. They take seeds and throw them anywhere, on the side of the road even, and then come back for harvest and chop them all down, no curing process

    Honestly go to Cambodia if you can, ganja is an ingredient in Khmer cooking, but you don't want to smoke the schwag they sell...even if it is super cheap. All the bags I bought were wet weed, so remember to dry it properly

    But you do not want to have to deal with a corrupt third world 'justice system' or the prisons..don't take that risk imo. Most countries in Asia, do not risk it.

  16. Given the fact that he is in a different country, how wise do YOU think that would be? :rolleyes:

    You got a bad bag, shit happens. You don't want to cause yourself any unnecessary drama over a little bit of weed. Do what your doing and save yourself the trouble.
  17. yea, i'm not trying to cause a deal for anyone. i'd rather just lose that money hard and stay safe until my buds come along. but look, IF I GET CANED, I will post the pictures of my ass on GC in their own thread.

  18. fuckin snitch,yes?

  19. Dude your totally getting repped when I can


    :metal: I had some rep, what do you know

  20. nah, dude, Makizushi was just joking around and responding to the thread, kind of like the way i was joking by calling it "saddest tragedy ever". we're all just chillin' here. no need to get heated.

    Thanks dude! I know who you are, because I've seen you on other threads. It's cool when people you already respect rep you for something.

    But seriously, if I get caned, the minute I'm released I will pack a big joint, and get the nearest friend to take a picture of me with my ass out, looking back at the camera with a big thumbs up and blowing smoke out of my mouth. Kind of like this smiley: :smoking:3 ...The three is supposed to be my buttcheeks. Maybe I'm just high.

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