sad without weed? am i addicted?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedboss125, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I think i am maybe psychically addicted to weed. I was now smoking 4 days in a row every night,but yesterday i smoked my last weed.Now it will take me maybe month to get new weed,because i dont have any friends who are smokin and i dont know any dealer.And now i am just feeling really sad,almost depressed that i cant smoke.Could it be psychical addiction? Or is it normal?

  2. im feeling pretty shitty because i want some weed, havnt had any for a month, it gets easier after a while
  3. you just like getting high, its normal.
  4. Maybe you should take a break... until the next time you find weed will do.
  5. Just give up on it...more for ME!
  6. Nah youre not addicted. Your body is just missing the release of dopamine you achieved from smoking. Exercising is proven to reverse that sadness! :)
  7. At least twice a week I find myself reading some scare-mongering bullshit thread that is obviously some sort of propaganda, and waiting for cball to come and tell you off.  <_<
  8. Watch this short documentary and answer the question pertaining to addiction. If your answer is yes, then I will have to say you are addicted to it.
  9. are you being sarcastic?? O__o
  10. No... no i'm not. 
  11. I'm just having a hard time understanding how you could interpret this post as someone trying to spread propaganda?

    When I see a post like this..I think it's merely a kid who isnt familiar with weed...
    Fair enough, but when I see a dude with only two posts writing about how he is 'physically' addicted to weed, it can either be a kid who's unfamiliar with it, or some idiot purposely trying to perpetuate negative bullshit that isn't true. Quite frankly I believe it's the latter, and even if OP is just confused, he's still spreading crap that is ultimately going to reinforce all of the negative hysteria going around about something that is completely harmless.
  13. This is grasscity.. not the real world bro.. we're supposed to help each other not turn against...
  14. I'm trying to help everyone by calling bullshit on this thread before it actually influences someone.
  15. Propaganda? you sir made my night :D
    supported by noobs that perpetuate the lies
    the ant mj/mmj groups are working overtime to spread propaganda...they are scared of legal pot.
  17. Me thinks it sounds more like you are a "candidate of sadness" and in turn, using that emotion to play as an addiction.
  18. Dude if ur gunna blaze fat u need to excersize or go to the gym. I used to smoke and not excersize ever and bam sad nd sleepy all the time. Now I go to the gym like everyother day nd I always feel pretty great. U needsa even it out man

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  19. Well then I guess you just have to wait a month I wouldn't be sad if I knew I was getting more in a month.

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