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sad times indeed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sodomizedjello, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. I'm pretty sure there's mold on my weed.

    I got a sack and put half in a glass jar and left the other in the bag. i've been smoking out of the bag for the past week and now that i open the jar i see the nugs have a white spider web dust-looking shit in several places even on the inside :( i shrugged it off as dust or something at first but it soon came that i felt like crying as i realized the full extent of this tragedy. i'm broke so i've been smoking it still haha, just doing my best to flick off the moldy parts. my lips are kinda swollen and barely itchy and so is the tip of my tongue, perhaps this is a direct result from my smoking moldy fucking weed and perhaps it is not.

    i been wondering if anyone has developed hmm, oral irritations from smoking moldy fucking weed?

    -um, peace
  2. Just take off the mold and sell it to someone.
  3. mehh

    brilliant, i suppose.

  4. the (sp?)of it
  5. just try selling it to someone else like someone said above if that doesnt worki guess the only thing to do would be to ditch it:( sad i know but its not worth getting sick over or somethin from it
  6. Aw I'm sorry hun.

    If it was a tight jar I don't see how you could of gotten mold on it. Meh. Try using tweazers. Hehe
  7. If any spores (realeased by the millions per plant) got on the bag, on the pot itself, in the jar or on yoru hands they love airtight containers, heat and humitiy. If you are serious about this problem, cinnamon is a natrual ainti bacterial and anti fungus. Sprinkle a little and just blow it off when your ready to smoke or use a coffee filter and pour some in their and tie it off and place in said container.

    EDIT:Obviously do this as a preventive measure before they spread.
  8. Wait wait wait, you can just sprinkle cinnamon on moldy weed and you can smoke it then. That seems kinda risky, considering that you can get a respiratory infection from smoking mold

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