Sad night :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dael, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. well tonight started off ok then just got worse

    we smoked a couple of joints on the park and was headin back and we saw a group of people around a go kart so we went over and it was an old friend of mine who has crashed the go kart (one of the racin ones) into a wall, and smashed his head into wall n fucked his back up and shit and we went over and he couldnt breath he was makin some weird ass noises it scared me his girlfriend was cryin her eyes out and the ambulance took fucking ages to get there, then they turned up and got him out of the go kart and into the stretcher

    they had him in the back and they were tellin him 2 breath and pumpin this thing then they shut the doors and the police came and taped off the whole area because it was a crime scene

    i felt so fucking bad i dont think hes going to make it he jus had a kid aswell about 3 months back :( and he fucking loves his kid, got his name tatto'd on him and shit and hes always with him

    apparently my friend said to a police man is he going to pull through and he said i doubt it mate hes in a bad way so :mad::(:( i cant believe it this guy is sound as a pound ive known him all my life and now hes in hospital in a critical condition :(

    i will find out more tommorow and keep you updated :( i hope hes ok

    oh yeh hes about 21 i think:( so young
  2. Oh shit man, that's a bad deal :( I hope everything works out
  3. oh man :( (<-- trying to keep up with the fad) my wishes with him
  4. I'm sorry ... I'm guessing he wasn't wearing a helmet ... I hope everything turns out well for him ... keep us posted
  5. Dude im really sorry to hear that, I sincerly hope that he recovers. Ill be makin sacrifices to the ganja Gods...
  6. i know what your feeling man. my friend was 18 and he drove his car into a tree about 2-3 weeks ago, but it killed him. my life has been fucked ever since so at least be grateful that your friend has a fighting chance. my friend got so badly fucked up that police couldnt identify him. i hope your friend makes it through cuz its the toughest shit in the world to lose a close friend early on in life.
  7. Thats weak sauce.
  8. That blows, I have two friends that each have been into two accidents never wearin belts. One got thrown out of the car while fuckin a girl in the back seat (underage drunk chick driving) and my other friend hit a pole going like 70. The second one for both of them was going around a turn at 75 in the rain spinning out and eventually hitting a fire hydruant. That was ten feet away from a pole a girl died on a few years ago, and has crosses and pictures and all that.

    Unfortunatly there lucky streaks feed into their cockyness.
  9. oh my god he died this morning of brain damage :(!!!! i cant fucking believe it he jus had a kid aswell about 3 months old :mad:

    he wasnt wearin a helmet but he still didn't deserve this, still findin it hard to believe

    and to top it off i gotta quit weed until my throats better :mad: i can see this week being dull
  10. Sorry about your friend. That really sucks.How is his girl doing?
  11. very sad
    i guess we should all live every day like it is our last.
  12. lesson learned

    wear your helmets kids
  13. Damn man, that's deep. I get a really bad depression when a tragedy strikes and I'm high. I just have like a harder time dealing with it until I get sober.
  14. How's it a crime scene?
  15. dude thats really messed up.

    only 21
  16. I'm really sorry to hear what happened. That seriously sucks. Stay strong though.
  17. I'll punch my next bowl to his memory. Sad stuff. :(

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