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  1. hey guys i have hsd this problem before just wanted advice.. i have 5 jack herer from seed and 5 nl5 x haze from seed.. my nlh are ALL looking good a month after popping . vegging nice and leaves reaching for the lights.. ALL herer are looking as if they are over watered or underwatered. i have tried missing waterings.. letting dry out, flushing 1.. feeding it 200ml .. the other 300ml the other 500ml.. they look worse after i have watered.. but then never bounce back wen left either.. the soils dry and pots are light i water.. the droop more but then nevet get to happy stage.. anybody have any ideas at all?? as you can see in the pic all droopy ones are the jack and the goood are the nl x haze... temps 26 n humidity 55.. in soil.. only fed water or canna rhizo at present .. no idea. big props to anyone that can help

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  2. Have you transplanted at all yet?
  3. yes mate about 10 days ago into them pots they was fine in there till 2nd watering and never came back.. im due to move them into final pits this weekend
  4. ok, but Jack is by nature a droopy plant and I would say can't take any where near as much food as those haze. If it's a straight Jack, think of it growing outdoors, it's just not houseplant by nature. Usually it is crossed with something to make it a better indoor grower. Not saying that is totally your issue, but even no issue, they still grow droopy. I grow autos, all crossed with Jack. The more Jack, the more droopy, and I can vouch that droopy Jack is good Jack. It must be good or nobody would put up with it's silly way of growing. I only say this so you don't keep pushing them hoping to make them normal.
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  5. Thanks I’ll remember that for future Jack babies...
  6. Do you have a ph meter? What is the ph of feeding and runoff?
  7. thankyou ph is great use bluelab as a tester hear and there is 6.3
  8. omg really? yeah they are fro. sensi seeds jack herers inventors as it where. believe them to be true to type as can ever be. thats some great info thankyou. do you have any other tips for me regarding this strain?.. thankyou
  9. Here is the jack I got . and she's never been droopy. Never heard of any plant growing droopy like that. [​IMG]

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  10. I don’t know about Jack growing droopy, but I heard she is a light(er) feeder.
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  11. Since no one said it,,post those pics in natural light plz so we can see them good and it may help better...thank.

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  13. the pots of the ones you see have dry soil but after a light watering.. normal watering .. flush it makes no difference they are stuck in that state and have been for over a week
  14. ok update, i flushed these through with 2 litres of plain water and they ALL perked up.. after 48 hours they looked sad again .. whilst pot was moist left another 30 hours for pots to dry and they still looked sad.. fed them a normal amount of water about 600ml for that size pot and the leaves drooped right down as if to say its just had its roots starved and its over watered.. im in desperate need of help. tje conditions are perfect. the other 5 are absolutely looking amazing. this is not enviromental nor ph or nute problems as they havent really started feed yet.. its ragging my brain and need good sound advice
  15. Old wives tale is give a stalled plant a shot of P, hence all the old wives high P flower boosters. One time, then wait and see. After that I would not push that Jack, it obviously doesn't like what the other plants are getting. If it were to go deficient you would see very easy to diagnose and easy to fix bad leaves. If you push it and burn it then that becomes a not so easy to fix problem, because it snowballs from burn to def. If it's pure Jack, those Jacks are funny, they get long branches that need staking and they are just generally kind of lazy looking. Just keep it alive and you will be really glad when you smoke it. If you go the P route, a very small extra dose of P is better than increasing P in the regular feed. I use to grow it when I was growing photos under a 200w cfl. It was all over the place. Still my all time favorite stone.
  16. hey thanks they are early days only about 5 weeks from seed so they are just getting a very small amount maybe 0.5ml litre of grow... every other feed. i can try add a bit of bloom. its not so much that they have stalled .. its almost as if they dont want to perk up. i know they can perk up cus they do. they literally seem to not like anything at all not even a quick drink??? i wish i had the knowledge to deal with this
  17. Maybe they are just really tired from making roots all day. Keep us posted. It is kind of perplexing. Pictures of plants with droopy leaves from over watering are kind of deceptive, because it only lasts a few hours if drainage is ok. Having other plants in same environment doing well probably makes it seem worse. If nothing else goes wrong, I bet you will have an excellent smoke report some day. Oh, yeah, my Jacks always took a little longer than my indicas.
  18. everything points to overwatering.. but cus they are still in fairly small pots i am able to examine the rootball and soil.. its dring nice .. roots are healthy and white.. pots a light as a feather before ... if i let them dry out then i give them a small drink and go back later to water. strange how the only thing that brought the leaves up to a happy state was drowning them in water.. if it was overfeed it would send them into shock so its not the case. oh well thankyou

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