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Sad Day...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ToKeN NiNja, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Well my great g-ma is in the hospital right now she is 99, shes smoked her whole life besides these last few years...and well as of right now the doc says shes dying of umm i forgot what its called but she has a buldge on her main vein to her heart and from what hes says its about to bust.. well im hoping she pulls through...gonna go to the hospital now...peace

  2. sorry to hear that, i wish her well
  3. Damn. :( I'm really sorry about that. I know it's hard when doctor's give you the worst scenario. I really hope that she pulls through. I'll send some ~karma~ to you and to her.

    (I don't mean to seem insensitive at all by this but she's lived 99 years! That's amazing! 99 years of living in this world...imagine all of the stories and memories she must have.)
  4. damn thats definately no good. atleast you know she could live 99 years being happy smoking and dying of natural causes as opposed be dying early and unnaturally

    ima go smoke a bowl for you and your fam
  5. I'm really sorry to hear that bro... I hope she makes it I really do. I dunno if your into God n all that but i'll have some prays said for u and your family tonight, specially ur G-G-Ma

  6. well the doc said that she should be ok for awhile....but it might get worse...
  7. thanks everybody for the good prays and karma..

    :) ill keep ya posted if anything gets worse or better
  8. all i can say is be with her ya know? Make her happy, cuz thats all that matters really. Happyness is the key...

    When i'm on my bed about to meet... well meet God i hope :p If i can look back at my life and say i was happy.. and i am happy with how it went... i'll be fine. And if im not happy with it.. im sure i'll have someone to make me happy then anyway
  9. it's a sad day for me too. my nan passed away yesterday at 12:30am. at least she rang in the new year - not that she knew it.

    now i'm all alone and sad wishing i was in newfoundland.
  10. :( I hate death.. i really do. But there is ways to cope with it.. what-ever they may be... find peace at heart..ur nan wouldnt want u to be so broken up u know? I know thats like tellin water to be dry...but still. Hey at least u got us to kick around right? :)
  11. Sry to her that isis....

    well my g-ma is back in a dying state as of right now the doc says but she putting up a fight and may get better he says...
  12. well at least you got to know your g-g-ma my g-ma and g-pa were both dead before i was born and now my dad is on his death bed he is 71 he had a stroke now he cant swollow ever again and he also was muged when i was 6 and got a broken spinal cord I dont speak to the old man dont want to. but now i am just waiting for him to die so i dont have to worry any more.

    consider yourself lucky that you even got a great grand ma
    and dont be sad it is her time.
  13. i dont mean to be an asshole...but she IS 99...and when its your time, its your time...and i know imma be lucky to make it past 80...

    (i do feel for ya tho, ive had 3 grandparents that i knew very well die on me...:()

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