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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by leafsforever3, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Well... I started with 14 plants and ended up with what I thought was 7 females.. I know that's not bad at all.

    I went to check on them today and one is going hermie on me. I am going to have to cut it :mad:. It happens to be the best looking of the bunch. Here is a pic:

    Strain is Ata Tundra.

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  2. that sucks man, what strain?
  3. ah thats awful. my best looking one was a male, its so frustrating. kill that tranny and treat your ladies well
  4. It's very frustrating, but on the bright side I have 6 ladies :). This is my first grow.. beside's bagseed.

    The strain is Ata Tundra from Seedsman seeds. I had them under lights since May, put them out mid June due to bad weather.
  5. Those plants look pretty big. Still, with 6 females, expect to have a happy harvest!
  6. Hey Leafsforever3 -

    That sucks that one is a hermi.... But you still have six more growing strong!! Take care of them and they will give you lots of bud to smoke!!:hello: The landscape around your plants looks that same as around mine.... I guess Maine & Nova Scotia are close in lots of ways!! Keep up the great work!

    Kisses -
  7. Thank's everyone, the two pics above are both of the Hermie.. I cut it down this evening.

    Here are the other plants:

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  8. A friend of mine went to college in maine, and in fact the climate/surroundings are pretty much the same she tells me.

    Do you have messenger? I see you have a couple VERY successful grows under your belt and I'd love to get some pointers.. thanks for checking out my thread and good luck this season.

    PS: Are you getting TONS of rain latley and no sun?
  9. Hey Leafsforever3 -

    Thanks for the wish of luck on my grow!! I am only on my computer a bit here & there so no I don't use a messenger.... sorry!

    I had been getting lots of rain for about the last 3 weeks.... 3 weeks before that it had been dry & sunny all the time. Looking at the weather for my area this morning the forcast is calling for sunny & clear with temps in the 70's for the next week!!:hello:
    Let the grow go wild....

    Kisses -

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