sad day, sad day indeed.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by thebigdude909, Aug 12, 2011.

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    had to rip up my babies due to a security breech.

    R.I.P. :(:(:( cheer me up blades?
  2. I feel for you dude
  3. sometimes you gotta play it safe bro...atleast you sill got your freedom
  4. yeah i went out to my spot, 2 plants ripped 1 tipped over and other left alone. one of the plants that got ripped wasn't even in flower yet.
  5. sorry bro. so sorry :(
  6. if i go to jail , i just want to say that i love you guys! and thanks for all of the entertainment/advice over the months that ive been forum on the interwebz:smoking:
  7. Plants stolen, or just cut down? And they left one? Weird!
  8. they ripped two out of the pots. and left two. one of the clones they took wasn't even starting to flower yet.
  9. Then it wasnt the cops. They woulda taken it all.


  10. i know how you feel...someone ripped off one of my main stems on my two biggest plants, stomped the other (i don't think they really knew what they were doing at all and didn't see it), and they weren't in flower...but they are still i had to bring them inside though...
  11. Lighting up a joint in your honor, better luck next season.:smoke:
  12. bad luck bro. better safe then sorry for sure. stay free and alive o smoke another day.
  13. Any signs of animals? Cuz that doesnt sound like a person to me. Raccoons like to dig out pot plants. There like the cops under cover brother haha
  14. Freedom is worth more than a few plants IMO.

  15. nah it looks like someone grabbed them by the stalk and just pulled.
  16. So Sorry. That is just horrible.
  17. That's so sad. I will never understand what makes some people think doing that is a good idea. No respect. Karma is a bitch. Sparking up a bowl for your loss.

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