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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChIlLuM BlAzEr, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Ever bin fucked when you had some shrooms wel i did.

    everything surrounded was pink as those fucking freaks on the gaypararde. the cealing looked like some kind of demon with joint burningin his hand. It was the craziest image I ever saw.

    What the hell was happening?

    Finally I decided to take a swim in my neighbours pool when suddenly the Mrs. next door jumped in too the pool completely naked.

    Damn she was fat and looked a fright. So I runned as fast as I can.

    Damn what an experience.

    Or was it al an illusion?!*
  2. Well I never saw any visuals like that...but then again I just had a gram maybe if i had more maybe i'd see more...
  3. That's the whole reason I have shrooms :D So I can have a mean ass trip.

    *sigh* I love shroom trips.
  4. someone told me that shrooms are legal but that doesnt make any damn sense what happens if you get caught with them is it a class A drug like crack and shit?
  5. The only place in the USA that they could be considered legal is by 1 and only 1 circumstance and that is if you picked them thinking they were something other then shrooms thinking they could be used for cooking and thats right folks that place is right here the good ole sunshine state yes that right in florida if u get caught with shrooms and say u didnt know they were p. cubensis mushrooms. Yup dont believe me go check it out on

    here is the link

  6. Freaks in the gayparade? What a mean thing to say. I don't believe this board stands for intolerance against people for their race, sex, sexual orientation, or other. Just sayin'

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