Ryan Dunn from Jackass comes into my workplace all the time...

Discussion in 'General' started by Foniac, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. and everyone pops a boner, except for me.

    It's funny.

    That is all.
  2. Haha What?

    I wish I could blaze man, I want whatever you tokin' on!
  3. holy shit where do you work? i met ryan dunn while i was on vacation in vegas a few years ago inside a casino.
  4. No...seriously...he's always coming in.

    And I saw Phil at Wawa once. And Bam was behind me in traffic in his Ferrari....I was trying to get him to rear-end me and buy me a new car or something.
  5. ryan dunn always acts like a douch bag on those shows i dont really like him but i dont know him so what do i know

    you can tell him next time he comes in that "illinisb from GC says ryan dunn is a douch"
  6. where does he always come into? lolol like what store does he always go to by what u mean
  7. i heard all those fucks are serious coke heads
  8. Don Vito put a finger in my butt

    I got mad money from the lawsuit
  9. i thought you where going to say he came out of the closet....I saw that show wild boys once, and those dudes are the ambiguosly gay duo
  10. Hahahaha, chea man i caint even watch that shit because its just not funny when they act like that.
  11. I would try to smoke with him just so u could say u smoked with Ryan Dunn once
  12. i was snowboarding with ryan dunn once at my local mountain (bear creek) and he was cool as shit when i was talking to him...then again it was just me and him.
  13. Some people (dumb ones) go nuts over celebrities for some reason - I really don't understand it since they are just people like everybody else. If I saw Ryan Dunn I'd probably just say whaddup, if anything at all. If I was a celebrity, I wouldn't wanna be treated any differently than how I would be treated if I was a regular nobody - of course that's usually not the case unfortunately.

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