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  1. Has anyone had experience with this coco? I've been trying it out and have had problems with root development. I've started doing some side-by-side tests with other brands - Tupur and Flying Skull with clones fresh out of my aeroponics clone chamber and am seeing massive root growth compared to RX. Just curious if anyone else has had experience with it.
  2. Not a coco grower but ive heard coco loco is good stuff
  3. Are you useing any kind of root stim

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  4. Hi Holly!

    Josh will be reaching out to you shortly, if he hasn’t already. Since our coco coir holds moisture really well, it’s important to feed at reduced rates. An overfed and overwatered plant will have underdeveloped roots. But this is good news! Our coco will help you save money on water and nutrients!

    Here is a link to a case study of one of our coco customers: Clean Coco
    And here’s a trial we did, comparing our coco to a competitor coco: Clean Coco Trial

    We're here if you need us! :)
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  5. no this thread doesn't seem fishy at all
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