RV living?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alpo, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Ok .. so my s/o wants to live the RV life...i simply told her i couldnt see myself and our kids living the rest of our lives in an RV..to her its about traveling the world and being self employed and independence..thats fine and dandy to me...my issue is the safety part of it...i couldnt see us sleeping in an RV in the middle of an empty parking lot or an open field every fuckin day for the rest of my life simply bcuz its unsafe and its taking a chance of somone running up in the there and killin us...afterall people are crazy and if someone who is doped up on something sees a shiny RV in the middle of an empty parking lot...its going to cause a desperate crazy man to do some crazy things to get that RV so he can sell it for some more dope..

    so my question is..Is RV living really what its cracked up to be?? or is my point lacking logic?
  2. Try going on a vacation in one, then you'll see whether you want to or not.
  3. LMAO your argument is kinda r-tarded, dope heads don't go walking around looking for RVs to steal/families to kill. You're right to have concerns but I'm pretty sure that's not one of them
  4. i agree with shasta take a good long enough vacation to get the feel of what the RV life would be like.
  5. Living in a house is better.
  6. it just depends on your family. I can't see taking kids out of school and not giving them a stable environment. Always moving around and seeing the country is nice, but look at it from a kids point of view. No long term friends, no prom, or sports.. things like that.

    I would love to do something like this when my kids are gone. There is alot I would love to see but not at the cost of my kids.

    I'm sure there are some people that do it and their kids are fine but thats just how I feel about it...
  7. I dunno. I'd take the risk myself but probably not if I had kids. Imagine the places you could see though. And all the music you could go too.
  8. If you had a RV you could go breaking bad style an just ride around cookin meth for awhile until you can buy a house:rolleyes:. Thats a tight show, but seriosuly dont cook meth
  9. Get a tank.
  10. I don't suggest RV living with children. Wait until they move out.
  11. i think it'd be fun if the kids were young, but by the time they need to start going to school i wouldnt do it. socially ur kids need to goto a regular school
  12. Maybe rent an RV or get one for vacationing right now, then once the kids move out yall can decide whether or not traveling/living in an RV would be what yall want to do.

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