Rusty verses the Sniffer dog

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by generic hippie, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. Any Australians with in driving distance of Byron Bay on July 10, 2003 have an obligation to attend the 12th Sniffer Dig Protest in support of Rusty Harris, surely the Ed Rosenthal of Australia.
    The protests are always similar to Mardi Grass in that there's a lot of 'illegal smoking of substances', hell, if it wasn't such a serious issue it'd be a party.
    Come on down to Byron Bay, July 10, you can do your bit just by attending in support. Alternatively you can report your purchase of cd or postcards to Rusty, to help him justify the $900 seized, which, of course, a hippie like Rusty could never have legally... Copies of these emails will be presented to the Judge as evidence.
    Rusty Harris for Priminister...
  2. On a side note, anybody travelling to the area FOR THE PROTEST, PM me and I'll see what I can organise for you in the way of a bed...

    Fair dinkum, I'm such a bloody hippie, dunno how the Mrs puts up with me...
  3. The appearance in Court went as well as could be expected for Rusty, with 300+ people showing up for the day's festivities.
    After keeping the man waiting until 3 in the afternoon, (five fun-filled hours of frolicing), Rusty's appearance before the beak was a short anti-climactic affair, lasting less than one half of one hour.
    The case was adjourned until October 23rd, when the festivities promise to be bigger and better as the wheels of injustice grind inexorably forward, crushing more innocent citizens in their path...

  4. lol.

    i don't live in australia, so i can't come.

    but i just wanted to nod my head in agreement at the quote :)
  5. I wanted to move to Australia ,but their damned laws discriminate against anyone over 45 immigrating into the country ,unless you have like $100,000.00 to buy your way in.

    I sent a letter to my state representative and the Governor asking that America strongly consider a similar immigration policy to protect "our" jobs.


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