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  1. I am starting a Master Kush Seedling it's about 10 days old I am vegging with H.O. T5 also fresh sunlight when possible have a mix of F.F. Light Warrior and F.F. Ocean Forest soil they are growing in I also have a mandala seedling that is I'm growing the same way but it's 4 days older. I amd watering with P.H. balanced plain water with Great White root stimulator. The P.H. run off is 6.7 and 6.8 and the soil P.H. is 7.0. The Master Kush has what looks to be rust spots on the leaves other than those the plant is healthy, If anyone has an Idea of what this could be please advise.
  2. It's ph. your almost a full point to high, plus with all the nutrients in that soil mix, if you have your ph a little out of range you will fry your plants. I don't use fox farm for this reason. Plus they can't specify the amount of nutrients in their soil, so each batch is different. This is not quality control IMO. They make good nutes, but their soil is hard to work with. Additionally they use really nice buffering agents, so you may want to flush with water that's 5.8-6.0. Drop it 1/2 a point if you can, then a week later, do it again. Also keep watering with 6.0 water until it's down to 6.3 for soil ph.

    If you really want to know you soils ph get indicator solution and drip it over a small sample of soil. when it starts to drip out of the soil you will be able to read the color. Use a white plate or something white and non absorbent.
  3. A more complete answer would be calcium deficiency caused by ph lockout.
  4. can ya put a pic up? two things r ya lights close anough to have burnt it a bit ? is it spreding?
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    Thanks a bunch. I have already flushed the plant with 6.0 water and will do it again as soon as it dries out. Now checking the soil P.h. you said I should take a soil sample and drip the test soliution on it and let it drip onto a white glass plate and then check the color, correct? Will these spots go away once I correct the P.h. or should I add some sort of calcium to improve the deficiency ?
  6. I sent some pictures in a new thread titled Master Kush Pictures. Please take a look and advise. Thanks for all your help.
  7. Why would he want the soil Ph to be 6.3 when CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM lockout at 6.4 or LOWER in SOIL. Aim for 6.5 or higher
  8. this !!
  9. The P.h. run off is 6.7, 6.8 and soil is 7.0 this should'nt have caused a lock out the way you explained it locking out at 6.4 or lower I'm lost now guess I'll start reading.

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