Rust/Brown spots on upper & lower leaves

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  1. Hey guys,

    Looking for some input on possible causes of these rust spots.

    2019-06-18 001.JPG 2019-06-18 002.JPG 2019-06-18 003.JPG 2019-06-18 004.JPG 2019-06-18 005.JPG 2019-06-18 010.JPG

    They're showing up on 1 of my 3 Early Miss autoflower plants, which are on Day 48 (Day 20 of flower).
    All 3 plants under the same conditions:
    -18/6 light schedule
    -Watering every other day, after pots become completely dry
    -Feeding schedule: Feed - Feed - Water - Feed - Feed - Feed - Water
    Using Remo Nutrients flowering combo, at approximately 30% recommended strength
    -Water pH'd to 6.4-6.6
    -Tent temperature: 72F (lights off), 78F (lights on)
    -Growing in soil mixture of 60% FFOF, 40% Black Gold Seedling Mix

    The spots are showing up on upper leaves as well as lower, shaded leaves, so i don't think it's a light/heat issue.

    My grow journal for these girls can be found here:
    First Grow with QB96's - "Freedom Dream" & "Early Miss autoflower"

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. no idk lol
    my top leaves look like that and it is light burn, but your's aren't at the top so
    other than that, calcium/magnesium ratios.
  3. I suppose that it could be light burn. I figured that since the leaves weren't curling too badly and my temps were in check, that it wouldn't be an issue, but i have been increasing the light intensity for about a week now, from 80% to 85%, to 90% and even had it at 100% for about 6hrs yesterday, so definitely a possibility.
    A little odd that some of the very top leaves are totally fine while others at the bottom are showing the spots.
    The other 2 plants seem to have no issues at all.

    I'm using the "MagNifiCal" from Remo as part of my feeding schedule, but maybe i should be using a bit more...?
    Currently at 30% recommended dose but maybe i'll increase the Cal-Mag to 50% to see how things go.
  4. uh huh...
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  5. Situation worsening...
    2019-06-21 005 - Copy.JPG 2019-06-21 008 - Copy.JPG 2019-06-21 009 - Copy.JPG 2019-06-21 010 - Copy.JPG 2019-06-21 011 - Copy.JPG
    Luckily, still only a single plant affected.
    Been increasing Remo Nutrients' "MagNifiCal" from 30% to 50% as part of my feeding schedule. Other nutrients (Micro, Bloom, VeloKelp, Nature's Candy, Astroflower) at 30%.
    Moved plant to center position of tent, which is slightly lower light intensity.
    On days when i normally water with plain pH'd tap water, i'm adding 2tsp per gallon of "Plant Products MJ Spike (CaMg)".
  6. that shit burned my plants. It now stays sealed in its container. I think I will chuck it out soon. There is no iron in it...
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  7. Good to know. Someone else on another site recommended i use it with caution but didn't elaborate.
    I've only used it twice during this grow but replaced it with Remo's "MagNifiCal". I was just a bit worried about giving too much Nitrogen with that stuff and so thought maybe the 30%-50% strength "MagNifiCal" during feeding and a little bit of the "MJ Spike" during plain tap watering... but as you mentioned in my other thread, may not be a Cal deficiency after all...
    I think i'm going to start increasing my nutes from 30% to 50% across the board for this next week. I'm not too sure but i figure there's probably only another 2-3 weeks left in these girls and i'd like to give a solid week of flushing before harvest.
    Remo's nutrient schedule calls for 8ml/Gal during flowering weeks 1-4, then up to 10ml/Gal during weeks 5+. I've been doing 3ml/Gal so far, but will bump it up to 5ml/Gal.
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  8. I would try to follow his schedule. Like I know sometimes nutes can be too much, but @30%, its really out of their reco'd range.
    I am using 100% solution in hydro following schedules atm (although there's two schedules!) but with the Plant Products stuff, its strong and its really part of a line of products that get used together. Like their micro supplement is ~$200 and it contains iron (and trace min) but I don't want to have to add this stuff to my feeds. I went through this in my PP plant journal; I ended up using Calnesium instead of Spike.
    The spike is a Ca/Mg EDTA chelate. It delivers straight Ca/Mg but what happens to the EDTA? I suspect it can chelate free iron, or something else, that may cause a deficiency. They use Ca EDTA to help people who have lead poisoning; it sucks up the lead...
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  9. Your in flower, you need more potassium.
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  10. Sounds good, thanks guys.
    I'll stick to the recommended feeding and increase my nutes.
    First time growing autos and i'd heard that they don't require as much nutrients as photos but things are definitely getting worse by the day for "EM-2" so hopefully I can slow things down and get this girl back on track before harvest.
  11. Ive found that the old rule of lower nutes for auto's doesn't really apply anymore If your not growing dwarf autos. My autos im growing are sucking down the same amount of nutes i feed my photos. Started out at half dose then once they took off and you see how big how fast they get they became nute deficient pretty fast. The newer generation autos are bigger and put out more colas than the previous autos from past years.
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