Runoff test for my soil.

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  1. Hello GC!!
    These days I'm having a small problem with my girls as you can see they are turning a yellowish color while the smaller leaves are green.So i think maybe it's from the ph of my soil?
    So i done a runoff test with plain water(ph balanced 6.6) than I got the first examples of dripping water and it was 6.4 ph. GC what you think is this a good result or? should it be a different result??

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  2. please i need advice :(
  3. post it in the sick plant section, ull prob get a quikcer response, im doing my first grow now so im not help, but ill guess @ to much nutes?
  4. 6.4 is ok. A little low, but nothing to freak about.

    For a better test, try this: Water the plant well till the medium is saturated and a good run off. Toss the run off water. Let the plant sit for an hour or so, then add a bit more water, just enough to get run off. Test this run off and you will get a better indication.

    Don't go chasing the run off pH. It's useful as sort of a benchmark and that's about all it's good for.


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