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Running While High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by green eggs, May 13, 2010.

  1. I've started running again been doing okay last time was 21 minutes for 5 km's.
    I want to see what the difference in my time will be if I run high. I'll post the results after :smoking:

    I'm literally going to stretch outside hit some bowls and go for my run. I should probably use a vape but I don't have one lol.

    Leave your predictions lol.
  2. The other day me and my buddy were coming back from a session in my friends shed. With some joints and a grav bong. It was probably around 3 am, and we were walking and there was a car coming (cars in my neighborhood will probably call the cops if your out late, IDK just sketchy) So I started running, I was running so fast, and im not a fast runner at all. It felt so good though for some reason. It was actually kinda fun. haha. Sorry

    Got smacked and ran home, it was pretty fun.
  3. While your lung capacity will be reduced, you probably wont feel pain as easily so who knows. i bet ur faster though cause you can push through those hard parts more easily. Unless you get distracted by some animal or pretty scenery lol
  4. Lmao well after i toked up I stretched and I knew i was really high. I started to run and was almost deciding to just chill and drink water. But I did most of my run pretty fast almost exactly the same. Except I screwed up my gps thing so I messed up hard. Went home took a nice shower though man shampooing my hair has never felt better.
  5. Haha people think sitting around on a couch stoned is fun, well try smoking and doing something that requires adrenaline. So much more fucking intense.
  6. Dude, I just started running, and I have done it 30% of the time high. It's freaking trippy.

  7. nothin like an adrenaline surge while baked, possibly one of the coolest things ever
  8. the point of getting high is to chill and enjoy it hah...not get up and run relaxes u in a way...running would just get rid of the high fast, make ur heart work harder and give u a headache sometimes...defeats the purpose
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    hmmm...well..running will make your brain produce anandamide,which is natural THC,which is the "runners high" ,so if anything you get higher.

    and i know what your getting at but,it would depends on if it's a sativa or indica. Sativa actually gives you energy and indica is the muscle relaxer.

    w8 a second...why do you think we have to portray the stoner stereotype?? sit and do nothing?? how is that fun? :confused:
  10. No way dude, pop in some heavy EDM music and go for a fast jog at night some time, blitzed. If anything, it makes your more high. I have had points were it almost resembles a shroom trip.
  11. Yea I just ran for 30 mim today after hittin couple gravty bong hits it was kinda easier, the thoughts kept me entertained and got thru it easier, when I get high I get motivated, so I'm gunna use if eer day to motivate myself to run, since im joining USMC in oct, I'm quitting around late aug, hopefully by then I'm fast as fuuk... I love weed nd E bu gotta give em up.
  12. I do the same thing helps me space out...if I have good tunes I am a machine...could run for hours in a weed haze....just make sure you drink a lot of water or you will get a mean cotton mouth...ha ha :D

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    cant run unless im high, the best part is the post-workout toke
    i feel its harder to run fast relaxed w/o it, think it helps expand breaths/capacity

    the funniest thing is looking into the face of one of these people when u find a nice grass area to take a rejuvination chief
  14. my point is that weed isnt supposed to be a pick me up and go do something. Its supposed to relax you...which yea does go along with the stoner stereotype but thats the point of relax you...and i agree with that runners high statement. i was actually considering that....but runners highs dont occur every time. i play soccer year round and i can say its a lot easier when your lungs arent recovering from the smoke that just entered them. your lungs do expand which is why its probably easier to run right after...but why would you want to run with an intense high for a shorter period of time than chill with a really nice high and enjoy it...defeats the purpose of actually chilling, listening to music and letting the high sink in...this is jsut my view on it..everyone has their own preferences
  15. the essence of your assertions, based on opinion. Clearly you are attempting to definitively define relaxation as "just chilling, music, etc." while ending w/the value of subjectivity

    endorphins do occur everytime u exercise. perhaps u're mistaking tobacco w/bud, cuz then then we have no disputes. i personally dont need dank to relax me or music.
  16. I would like to know the results , ahaha. I think it'll take double the time, or half the time. I dunno . I'm just baked. But yeah.
  17. I may have to try that out sometime.

    Maybe i can get my cardio back,

    I used to run a 18:30 5K

    Now its significantly slower
  18. running while high feels very good. just dont smoke a strain that wont make you crash. I vape/bong toke every time before i hit the gym. idk what all this it "it strictly relaxes you" stuff is. its like my coffee and essential to my pre workout diet.
  19. I run 2 miles everyday after vaping or smoking a joint, kills pain and like previously mentioned lets your mind wander so you dont think about pain and you can keep going.
  20. I only time I ever run is while I'm high. It feels a lot better and breathing is a lot easier because I have asthma and smoking helps with that of course :)

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