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  1. The plants are starting to stink. I have 6 plants which are in their 7th week of flowering. My wife is having the girls over next week. I was wondering if I could move my plants outside for the last 2 weeks of flower .. Ya know leave them outside in the warm sun for 12 and them put them in a dark shed for the other 12 . is this gonna screw up the plants in anyway or stress them out. .. Please get back to me soon whoever is out there. I can't see it doing to much harm but I thought i would ask before I did something dumb.
  2. its pretty hot out to be putting in a shed for 12 hrs. it could be done but your asking for hermi's by doing so.

    I used to grow in an apartment and learned a few things about smell covering.This is what i would do first off let me say i get everything the smell of clean laundry makes people think you just dried clothes not have and aren't doing overkill on the airspray few things i used when put together youll get through 2 wks on it

    1. At walmart in the furnace filter section you can find air fresheners that go on the filter these things pack a punch and smell up your whole house. Shit at my apartment i could smell it outside the front door. They are a couple bucks a piece last a wk strongly

    2. At wal-mart in the air freshener isle you can find the things you hang on the wall and every 5 mins they mist these last a long time and i put them where i think smell needs extra in your case a few around the main parts of the house

    3. Also they make plug-ins candles all kinds of ways trick is to get them all the same type of clean linen smell and your golden

    I have also used ONA gel it works good but its a chemically smell def not something people are used to smelling cant get it to close to your plants if you do use it i dumped it out of jar into small bowls
  3. Thanks buddy for the tips I will try a couple of them before moving the plants. This forum is awesome the replays are quick and sincere . Once again thanks and good luck with yours bro

  4. I've read where people up the lights to 14 hours the last 2 weeks of flower supposedly to add weight.I dont see it being an issue to shoot them outside for 2-3 weeks.

    Way better then cutting early.Dont do EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

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