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  1. So I'm starting to stress a little. My led lights 300watt x2 in my tent which inhave as high as I can get it now. Plants are 10 days in flower and stretching like crazy. Canopy is now about 18 away from the lights.. so my question is. 1 is there a way to slow the stretch some. Or 2 is there another way ... am I too close now as it is...and need to buy another tent. Any input would be appreciated..thank you
  2. A very common problem.
    There are two solutions that might work if you have room.
    Low Stress Training (LST) - tie as many branches as you can as far away from the light as possible. Tent poles furnish a good place to tie thick twine.
    Supercropping - bend tall stems at a 90 degree angle. The stems can take it, and will recover quickly. I recently had to do this. The colas will upright themselves.
    Neither of these will do much good if there isn't an empty spot to bend branches into.

    Sometimes there is just too much vegetation in a tent, and nothing can fix it.
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  3. Thanks for the response. .. I been training these girls from the beginning as it is. Just didnt expect the stretch to be close to a inch a day.
    Now with the super cropping. This can be done since I already into flower. Just dont want to hermi them.
  4. Your lights get to close it will deform the top of the bud
  5. What distant do LEDs need to be from canopy. I've also heard about light bleaching.. and i sure dont want anything to be deformed.
  6. What's the total height of your grow tent? You growing some kind of sativa dominant strain or something? Without supercropping, you'll probably going to end up buying a taller tent as you mentioned in your first post. The flowering stretch will probably end soon, but you'll still have to deal with the bud growth after that.
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  7. What’s the lights brand? It should say the recommended distance in the manual or their website.
    My 300w led light recommends 15-18” for flower.
  8. My tent is only 50 inches tall due to restrictions at the Time. I have about 18 to 20 inches left only . It's a indica dominant. Might as well get on Amazon.
  9. Same as mine. That's what they reccomend 15 - 18. It's a bloomspect
  10. you can gain a few inches of room by making the chain / cables the lights hang from shorter .... a few tie wraps you can cinch the 4 cable hanging points inward to shorten them a bit
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  11. Great idea. Thanks

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