Running and working out?

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  1. Recently joined the Army and we have to be able to do 2.5 miles in a certain amount of time. I am not big into running but I can do pretty well in pushups/situps. I used to smoke cigs but have since quit (about a month ago) and just started running yesterday. Did around 3 miles and that was pretty tough. Wasn't completely drained or anything, just tired. So I was wondering if it is bad to run everyday? I read that if you run everyday your body will eat muslce so it makes running easier. I want to keep my muscle and do extremely well in the 2.5 mile. Any suggestions on how often I should run? There really is no substitution that I can do since I will be timed in the 2.5 mile rune.

    Thanks for any help :hello:
  2. I thought running just burned fat, but I don't really know.
  3. Anyone else know?
  4. Nah man, run everyday, just eat a lot.
  5. You will have to eat a ton if you want to run everyday and build/maintain muscle mass. I would imagine that you wouldn't have to run every single day to increase your 2.5 performance. Why don't you just go to the gym 3 days a week and run on the off days?
  6. Not bad to run every day. In fact running imoroves your circulitory system, giving your muscles more blood.

    If anything, running will improve weight training results
  7. I wouldn't suggest running everyday right now. Since you just started back, you're more prone to injury. Does your recruiter do PT? Our office does it twice a week, and we go to the local crossfit center. I'll usually work out 5 days a week, and run 6, always leaving a day where I do nothing but rest.

    Do you eat healthy? If you want to build up muscle you need to eat protein. I was having problems putting it on until I changed my diet up a bit.

    What MOS did you sign up for? I'm a Fire Support Specialist, and I ship out June 5th.
  8. As long as you eat well you won't lose muscle mass. Personally I would run 3-4 days a week and then throw in a day of sprints/intervals.
  9. Sorry haven't been to this section for a while, forgot I had this thread :eek: I think they do PT but my schedule doesn't permit doing it with them. Work and school at the moment. I work out Monday through Friday and Sunday since I work all day Saturday. Of course I do different routines and don't overwork any one muscle group. I train my body evenly. Also doing the same routine gets boring so I definitely switch up what I do. I go to the gym at night which is why I don't have time, they PT after the HS kids get out while I am still in class.

    I eat healthy. Haven't had soda in monthsss. I only drink water and healthy juices. I am big on fruits and veggies and always eat breakfast. I eat plenty of protein. Besides eating meat almost everyday I also use whey protein for after works outs along with some milk and yogurt. Gaining weight isn't a problem, I have steadily gained weight over the past few months. I am pretty sure I am doing 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist. I am doing reserves and to get in the fastest this would be the MOS I need to do. I need money for school and my parents can only dish out a grand or so every semester, and that's not enough. I want to go to a university and get a good job and the Army will at least help cover some of those costs.

    Haven't been able to run since it's been raining a lot and I just got a cold today.

    Sorry for the rant :laughing:
  10. I work out 5 days a week and run after lifting, typically 2 to 3 miles, around 15 minutes. It makes me feel good, because I smoke weed and eat junk food all the time. I take C4 pre-workout and Myobuild post-workout.

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