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    I've been running for around five months now and I've completed four 5ks, I came in third place the first two times, first place for females/overall second in the third, and the fourth was a race with like 4,000 runners so I didn't really take it seriously, plus I had pink eye and strep throat.

    I'm starting out strong (I can do two consecutive miles in seven minutes) but then the right side of my abdomen starts to cramp up and that's when I slow down. It's really starting to piss me off. I need to run three consecutive seven minute miles in less than a month and in like four more months I start training for my first half marathon. I'm also hoping and praying to be on the cross country team at school this coming fall.

    I guess what I'm saying is that endurance seems to be my problem, I start out strong and then I taper off. I'm pretty short for a runner and I could improve my diet but I hit the gym a lot and do a lot of cross training on the side. I have lean muscle but I could build more I guess, I'm more on the slim side so maybe I'm just kind of weak, then again I do train a lot.

    I was thinking of doing the Insanity work out plus running and the gym this winter but now I'm debating on doing more yoga and biking instead since I seem to hit my best times when I do a lot of yoga, I just want to get stronger.

    Any tips at all?
  2. There really isn't much for it except to run more. Also, extensive ab workouts. Your core makes it much, much easier for you to breath - the stronger it is...the easier.

    If your goal is to run a 21:00 5k, you should try to run 25-30 miles a week, with one 5-7 mile run on one of the days.

    In terms of core, this is what we did for XC. Adjust the times as you see fit, but you should be unable to sit up when you're done. We would do them after every run.

    Planks: 2:30, rest, 1 minute.
    Side planks: 1 minute/side
    Six inches(elevate your feet six inches off the ground while lying on your back, hold it. Hands on your chest.) - 1 minute
    Leg raises (same as six inches, just pull them up as high as they can, and down, back up.) - 10
    Then 50 crunches, 20-25 pushups.

    A 21:00 is pretty fast for a woman, good job! One of my teammates ran a 20:30 and qualified for states.

    Also, eating potassium can reduce the severity/frequency of cramps. Eat bananas. (I hate bananas).

    I'm really pulling most of this from what we did in-season (I ran a PR of 17:30), best of luck to you.
  3. Thank you so much, 17:30 is really good. That's my ultimate goal time.
  4. if your cramping up drink more water during the day. also stretch the area that cramps more.
  5. What kind of training are you doing? You should vary the workouts to train all the various systems that you will be using. Long slow distance, long intervals, tempo runs, and even short intervals all have their place in training for 5K's.

    In addition, I agree with the other posters about strength training. You'll really notice the difference on hills.

    Make sure you are getting enough rest. Recovering properly is just as important as training properly.
  6. I run four to five times a week outside or on the track and I do a variety of things, I started out doing a lot of interval training but now I'm trying to run longer distances without slowing down and once a week I sprint up and down this hill by my house after running a few miles. I have a running schedule written down somewhere with different routines each day, if I can find it I'll post it.

    I go to the actual gym four times a week and start out with 30 minutes of strength training (a variety of squats, lunges, and weight lifting but I only use five pound weights because I don't want to bulk up) and then fifty minutes of cardio (interval training on the elliptical, running uphill for five minute intervals on the treadmill, and the stair climber machine last) and then I do ten to twenty minutes of abs.

    I also do yoga twice a week and a strength training DVD twice a week and a total body routine the remaining two days. I don't really rest a lot, last week I took the whole week off from the gym due to being sick but I still ran a 5k and I ran like four days out of the week and I did my yoga and my other routines. I hate not working out, it just feels weird.
  7. Word, I think part of the problem is that I'm not hydrated enough and I don't really eat a lot, I don't think I eat enough calories and if I do I burn them all off. The vain part of me likes it because obviously I don't gain any weight and I have the ideal body but on the other (realistic) hand maybe that's why I'm not as strong as I'd like to be.
  8. Thank you :) Really helped a lot.
  9. So I just got back from a longer run and before the run I ate half of a turkey and spinach sandwich, a banana, and drank a bottle of water. Fueling up helped so much, it's a pretty obvious thing to do but I'm never really hungry or thirsty, I kind of had to force myself to eat a little but it went a long way. Last night I was running on the track and I was running pretty hard but I felt so weak and dizzy from not eating, I don't do intentionally but I guess I found my problem.
  10. Haha. You gotta have the fuel to run! I strengthened my endurance by running long distances and doing extensive core work. Also, on a side note, instead of shooting for three consecutive 7 min. miles, you should try to pick up your pace with each mile.


    1: 7:10-7:15

    2: 7:00-7:05

    3: 6:50 - 7:00

    It may or may not help depending on the course you run. I ran 5ks for XC in highschool and the 3200 and 1600 in track. Also ran the 800 and 110 highs xD

    P.S. - Long distance running is going to improve your sex life lol. So keep it at it, and your reward will be more than a firm butt and slim waist ;)

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