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  1. does anyone play runescape/ use to.. its fun to play blazed and yes im over 18... also does anyone have any accounts i can have?
  2. Yea dude i play, add me my name is Zezima
  3. lol zezimas not the legend he once was
  4. i have 80 str and cooking, 70 att and def, 76 fishing and a lot of good og skills. i have a whip and d legs and some good stuff, not a memeber though
  5. how is that possible
  6. no... i tend to keep away from homosexuals
  7. Runescape.

    WoW for those who REALLY have no life...

  8. membership ran out
  9. Man that game was so much fun when I was 13...or should I say addicting as fuck.

    The legend himself Zeldagirl8 roams these gc forums...not me hah. I'm a noob.
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    runescape was the shit. the. fucking. shit.

    at my prime i had around 10 mil... got down to around 400k, then won a fucking whip and 1.5m at the duel arena, then got greedy, dueled the fucker again, lost everything. the guy was so much better than me too, but i had fucking ancients, so i just ice'd the shit out of him (forget the specific name). First one he got surprised, next one he just lost all magic, then the next time he brought a dds as well. i was allowing melee the whole time because i thought id freeze him before he could get close - but i missed. he hit 21-22 with his dds and it was all over.

    and that's how i stopped playing runescape
    could be one of my most vivid memories
  11. LOL my kids got me playing AQ worlds, anybody play that?
  12. You weren't saying that last night, big boy. Rowr! ;)
  13. [​IMG]

    ahahahahaha. gotta love runescape.
  14. More like Poonscape.
  15. I play WoW if I have time, and I'm high/drunk. But I started on Runescape as a fuckin young ass teenager. That game was the shit, I'd spend hours on end with my homie just drawing people in the wild and killing their asses off. But then I turned like 13 or 14. Hit high school, I cared more about pussy than I did the internet.
  16. summer of 2001 maybe 02. then came everquest and in 08 WoW
    the new gfx suck
  17. Straight up. Back in my day RS was all cardboard shitty. Kids have it so nice today. Ungrateful little fucks.
  18. Mean. But funny.
  19. Not mean. Just funny. It made this homo laugh. :p

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